15 Facebook Groups you NEED to Join if you LOVE Lesbian Fiction

Facebook and social media in general often seem to be in the news for all the wrong reasons lately.

However, there is still one thing that the internet and social networks are still good at; connecting people.

If you are looking for like-minded readers, who enjoy fiction with lesbian characters and women-loving-women storylines, then I have gathered together fifteen book groups on Facebook where you can do just that!

1. Lesbian Books, writers, readersOpens in a new tab.

“This is a group for women (lesbians), who love to read lesbian books! Authors get to promote their works and readers get the chance to know whenever there’s new great material to get! Readers are allowed to praise the writers, comment on the books, recommend books and if possible review.”

2. TLR Book ClubOpens in a new tab.

“In this group we chat about our monthly book club read. See the header and announcements for the title of the book we are reading this month. This group is a place for readers to join us as we talk about book club books. All lesfic lovers are welcome here! (This group is open to women, men, non-binary people (cis, trans or fluid) straight, gay, lesbian and all the other colours of the rainbow.)”

3. The Lesbian Review ChatOpens in a new tab.

“This is the official book club for The Lesbian Review – a website dedicated to reviewing F/F fiction and sometimes non fiction and movies.

This is a general chat group about lesfic. All lesfic lovers are welcome here! (This group is open to women, men, non-binary people (cis, trans or fluid) straight, gay, lesbian and all the other colours of the rainbow.) It’s a place for readers to join talk about what they’re reading and loving.”

4. Lesbian Book Readers Club.Opens in a new tab.

“Our goal is to promote authors to readers of lesbian fiction. We welcome book releases, and new as well as established authors to make readers, fellow authors, and fans aware of the books that are out there for their enjoyment.

Every other weekend or so we have an author’s grilling where we have two days of Q&A’s known as THE GRILLING to promote an author.”

5. Lesbian Fiction Campfire ShareOpens in a new tab.

“This is a group to share our stories new and old. Short stories, trunk novels, whatever authors would like to share here. You don’t need to be an author to join! Anyone who loves lesfic is welcome here.”

6. Lesfic Book Review GroupOpens in a new tab.

“This group is for readers of lesfic interested in providing honest online reviews of works of lesbian themed fiction and for lesfic authors willing to submit their books to these readers in exchange for honest reviews.
AUTHORS PLEASE NOTE: You will engage directly with your readers here to effect the transaction of getting them their book(s). After you let them know you’ve sent it, thank them only. Regardless of the review left, please do not engage with the reviewer here or where she left the review. We want this to be a safe space for readers. Thank you.”

7. Lesfic Reading GroupOpens in a new tab.

“Books about Lesbian Fiction. Whether you read them or write them, let us know about them here! Discuss them, post them, tell us what you LIKE or DISlike about Lesbian Fiction or Lesfic!”

8. Lesbian audiobooksOpens in a new tab.

“This is a bulletin board to post news about audiobooks with lesbian content. Listeners, authors, publishers are welcome to post. Reviews and recommendations are especially welcome. Audiobooks should have a lesbian main character or should be focused on lesbian content.”

9. Big Tent Lesfic – Promo

“This is a community of readers and writers in support of lesbian fiction. We do not discriminate against readers or writers that fall anywhere on the gender/sexuality spectrum.”

10. Lesfic ARC ClubOpens in a new tab.

“Lesfic ARC Club is a group for lesfic fans to find free advanced reader copies in exchange for honest reviews.”

11. Women Loving Women Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Lovers GroupOpens in a new tab.

“This is a discussion group for Women Loving Women (WLW) themed mystery, thriller and suspense novels and true-crime non-fiction works. This is an open, inclusive, friendly place where fans of mystery, thriller and suspense genres and all related sub-genre works that include WLW characters can chat about their favorites, ask questions of the writer-members, and a place where writers of said genres can promote on designated promotion days.”

12. Lez SpinecrackersOpens in a new tab.

“A book club that will cover lesbian good reads. From romance and mystery and all that in between lets enjoy and talk authors and plots. Twice a month we will discuss a book that will be posted in advance. Please no spoilers.”

13. Kindle Unlimited LGBT Fiction Opens in a new tab.

“Kindle Unlimited LGBT Fiction is a place for authors to share their kindle books and ebooks and a place for Kindle Unlimited subscribers to find great LGBTQ fiction. Read the Rainbow!”

14. Lesbian Authors GuildOpens in a new tab.

“If you’re an author and you want to promote your book, then this is the group for you. If you’re a reader and you’re looking for some good books to read, then this is the group for you. Join us, talk to us, meet us, and along the way, you might make some new friends.”

15. FF Readers, Authors, and Bloggers Opens in a new tab.

“This group is for readers, authors, and bloggers to celebrate and share the wonderful world of FF and lesbian fiction/romance. <3”

If you enjoyed this, then you might enjoy my list of

My Books

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Niamh Murphy is the best-selling author of 'Escape to Pirate Island' and other adventure books with lesbian main characters. Read more here.

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3 years ago

Great list! I found a couple I wasn’t aware of. Also, thanks so much for adding the group I started, the Women Loving Women Mystery Thriller and Suspense Lovers group to the list. Much appreciated!

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