5 FREE Sapphic holiday books to get you in the festive spirit

Are you looking to read some festive stories this Christmas? Here is a list of 5 FREE Holiday stories that will get you excited for Christmas and they all contain Sapphic relationships!

Are you looking to read some festive stories this Christmas? Here are 5 FREE Sapphic stories that are set during the Christmas period. Quote This

Grab a mug of warm hot chocolate, and a big fluffy blanket and settle down, these are 5 cosy reads to get you feeling in the Christmas mood.

1. Delicious by Niamh Murphy

Delicious is an erotic lesbian short story set on New Year’s Eve.

When Charlotte is invited to a New Year’s party, she almost resolves to leave because she believes she is pining for someone way out of her league – Nadia her cookery teacher who is also at the party.

But Nadia is not the type to let Charlotte go that easily… 

Find out what happens between Charlotte and Nadia in this steamy and romantic short story that will be sure to leave you feeling delighted and in the party mood.

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2. Gingerbread Hearts: Six Lesbian Christmas Stories by Alison Grey, Corinna Behrens, Emma Weimann, Jae, and RJ Nolan

Gingerbread Hearts is an anthology of six short stories (four new and two republished, re-edited).

Holiday Outing by Alison Grey is about Susanne who is spending Christmas with her family and has decided to come out to her family on Christmas Eve. In It’s In The Pudding by Emma Weimann we follow a story about a Danish Christmas tradition that lets Ida make the fresh start she is longing for.

Devgo by Corinna Behrens is about Rebecca, a successful businesswoman, whose only concern is making more money, even at Christmas. but when a strange creature appears in her bedroom a few nights before Christmas, will it challenge her view of life? In A Magical Christmas by RJ Nolan, a week before Christmas, Erin’s ex breaks a promise, disappoints their children and ruins a romantic getaway Kris has planned. Find out how Kris makes it up to Erin..at the happiest place on earth.

The Christmas Grump by Jae is about a security guard at the mall who wants nothing to do with the Holidays. Her disenchantment with the holiday slowly begins to change when she meets seven-year-old Tyler and his mother. Finally in Kissing Ms. Santa Claus by Jae, Rachel and Lillian are spending their first Christmas together. Rachel sets out to find the perfect gift that will reflect her love and devotion as she is longing for a long-term commitment from Lillian.

Find Gingerbread Hearts on YLVA Publishing website hereOpens in a new tab.

3. It Had To Be You by Clare Lydon

It Had To Be You is a Christmas Novella about an f/f relationship during the holidays.

When Georgia meets Milly, she knows she could be a game-changer. But then she meets her mother…

Find out what happens next in It Had To Be You.

This is a short and sweet story to read this Festive season!

Available at Clare Lydon’s website.

4. Christmas Eve at Laurel’s Meadow by C.J. Murphy

Christmas Eve at Laurel’s Meadow is a Festive story based on the characters from C.J Murphy’s Lesbian Romance Frame by Frame.

Val and Laurel are a married couple with an expanding family.

This story follows Val, Laurel and their Family and how they spend their first Christmas Eve together.

Get the story free at the Desert Palm Press WebsiteOpens in a new tab..

5. More Than A Holiday Romance by Chris Zett

This is an f/f romance set around the Christmas period. Will a once casual relationship get a second chance? Find out in More Than a Holiday Romance.

More Than A Holiday Romance was originally published in the Ylva Anthology Do You Feel What I Feel 2016, but you can get exclusive FREE access to More Than A Holiday Romance by signing up to Chris Zett’s newsletter here.


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