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5 Places to Get PermaFree Lesbian Books (Without Using Pirate Sites)

Permafree books are simply books that are permanently free. As an author myself, I know how important PermaFree books are to authors’ marketing efforts. Authors often use this as a way of getting their books out into the world so that readers, like you, will find them and take a chance on them.

Many ebook retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, offer free ebooks on their sites. However, there are SO MANY retailers and apps that I decided were not good enough for this list because they have not made it simple to narrow down which of their books are BOTH free AND LGBTQIA+.

This list includes ONLY sites and apps on which you are able to easily find free lesbian novels and wlw through sorting, categorisation, or a simple search, without having to scroll through endless junk for hours on end.

1. Amazon Bestseller Lists

Amazon seems to have become a little secretive about this. Either that or they don’t know how to make the most of a fantastic asset.

Either way, alongside the usual bestseller lists, there is a hidden bestseller list of all the free ebooks you can download. This list includes all the books which are free on that day only, as well as all the books which are set to be permanently free by their authors.

The biggest problem with this is that the hidden free bestsellers list is not easy to find. In fact, if you are navigating Amazon on the app or on a phone or tablet, then it is simply impossible to discover.

Head over to the desktop version of Amazon, navigate to the bestseller list of your chosen genre, be it lesbian romance, or simply LGBT fiction. Right at the top of the page, it will say ‘Top 100 Paid’ next to this it will say: Top 100 Free.

Don’t believe me? Check it out!

2. Smashwords

Smashwords have been a small-time rival to Amazon for a few years now. Some people have fallen in and out of favour with them, but overall I have found them a useful site to use to publish my books when I want them to permanently free.

Their navigation is far easier than Amazon and it is a really simple process to narrow down your search to LGBT fiction that is also free.

However, I will say that the quality of the fiction on this site is not always of the highest standard and it is rare to get books published here from a publishing house.

3. Kobo

The website is tricky to navigate, and if you are looking specifically for free lesbian fiction (and if you are here, then I assume you are!) then your best bet is to download the app.

The search function on the Kobo app is far more streamlined and it is a really straightforward process to narrow down what you are looking for. But out of all my recommendations on this blog, I would say this is the weakest site for free lesbian books.

4. Google Play Books

This option is really only available as an app from the Google Play store. So as far as I know, unless you have an android phone, you really can’t access this option easily.

But for those of you who can, Google Play Books does have a nice and straightforward search function. You can’t really narrow down the genre to identify Lesbian + Free, however, you can do a simple google search for free lesbian fiction or free LGBT fiction and it will give a list of books that fall into that category (it seems like such a simple task and yet so many sites just don’t offer this capability!).

5. Prolific Works

Prolific Works is a unique platform for readers to access exclusive sneak peeks, advance previews, and special giveaways.

This gives you the chance to discover authors you’ll love, who bring you the stories you want to read. You can filter by category and genre, meaning you can hook up with LGBTQIA+ authors and download exclusive freebies before anyone else!

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What did you think? Do you know of any other sites or apps that offer free ebooks AND have a way to narrow down the search for lesbian fiction? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so why not list them in the comments.

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