7 Hashtags You Need to Know if You Use Twitter and Write (or Read) LGBTQ Books

Are you looking for lesbian hashtags to promote your books on Twitter? Or perhaps you want to find the latest gay fiction?

I’ve put together a list of seven hashtags that you need to know if you write LGBTQ+ fiction and if you read queer books and want to find even more!

Most of these hashtags are associated with challenges or events but I’ve added a few bonus hashtags at the end that are far more general.

1. #PromoLGBTQOpens in a new tab.

Hosted by @EvieDraeOpens in a new tab. #PromoLGBTQ happens every Saturday and is a great place to share your art, find new art, and promote LGBTQ creators.

2. #QWritersOpens in a new tab.

Run by @AmaraJLynnOpens in a new tab. this hashtag helps queer writers by providing a space to share goals and progress as well as sharing lines of current projects.

3. #WriteLGBTQOpens in a new tab.

Run by @writeLGBTQOpens in a new tab., @EvieDraeOpens in a new tab. & @AuthorLMichaelsOpens in a new tab.. #WriteLGBTQ is intended to be a safe, supportive space for #LGBTQ+ #writers & allies #amwriting #LGBT+ characters

4. #LGBTQWriMoOpens in a new tab.

If you miss NaNoWriMo in November, or you just can’t get enough of the challenge, then check out the three queer writing months in April, July, and November hosted by @amarajlynnOpens in a new tab. & @LGBTQWriMoOpens in a new tab.

5. #OwnVoicesOpens in a new tab.

#ownvoices is a movement started @corinneduyvisOpens in a new tab. to recommend children’s and young adult books about diverse characters written by authors from that same diverse group. Now expanded to any literature written by ‘own voice’ authors, this hashtag is a great way to find and talk about LGBTQIA books.

6. #LesFicFriOpens in a new tab.

Hosted by @OceanWritesOpens in a new tab., #LesFicFri is a safe place where writers are encouraged to share a line or two from a lesbian fiction project they have either published or are currently working on.

7. #LGBTWIPOpens in a new tab.

Hosted by @AJWhiteAuthorOpens in a new tab. and @AllyScottAuthorOpens in a new tab. this is a month-long hashtag challenge, usually in February and is a great place to share your project or find new authors.

Bonus Bunch

These hashtags don’t seem to have any particular challenge or group associated with them but are a fab way to see who is posting what in the world of lesbian books:

What did I miss? Let me know if I missed out on a great hashtag by adding it in the comments below!

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Niamh Murphy is the best-selling author of 'Escape to Pirate Island' and other adventure books with lesbian main characters. Read more here.

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