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Niamh Murphy
Niamh Murphy

Niamh (/niːv/ NEEV) Ida Murphy is a British novelist known for writing escapist adventure fiction with lesbian main characters.

Niamh’s books are exciting page-turners that will take you on a wild ride. She loves writing stories with strong female protagonists who fight for what they believe in and never give up.

Her backlist of published books can be found on GoodreadsOpens in a new tab., as well as AmazonOpens in a new tab., or if you prefer to purchase from independent outlets her paperbacks are also available from IndieboundOpens in a new tab..


Niamh was born in Colchester, England in the 1980s and was the third of four children. Between the ages of four and nine, Niamh’s family lived in rural Wales. The thick forests, rugged countryside, hidden ruins, hilltop castles, and secluded beaches all fuelled Niamh’s imagination.


Niamh struggled with her early schooling and preferred to hide away in books than sit through stifling classroom lessons. In an attempt to keep her at school for more than a couple of hours a week, Niamh was sent to HockerillOpens in a new tab., a boarding school in Hertfordshire. This didn’t resolve all her schooling issues, and she was eventually homeschooled.

By the time she was sixteen, Niamh was able to attend school full-time and was accepted to Colchester Sixth FormOpens in a new tab.. However, it was clear there were still some issues with attendance and at Nineteen she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)Opens in a new tab. also known as M.E. (Myalgic encephalomyelitis)Opens in a new tab..

After completing her A-levels she studied Medieval ArchaeologyOpens in a new tab. at UCLOpens in a new tab., combining her love of history and the mediaeval era, and she graduated with a 2:1 and went on to work for her local Archaeology TrustOpens in a new tab. in Colchester.

In 2013 Niamh returned to higher education, taking on an MA in Creative WritingOpens in a new tab. at Essex UniversityOpens in a new tab., where she achieved her second 2:1.


Niamh’s writing career began in 2011 when she started publishing short stories on the fanfiction site Academy of BardsOpens in a new tab.. Her work was well-received by readers and so she decided to answer a submission call from Freya PublicationsOpens in a new tab..

Wanting to give herself the best shot at success, Niamh submitted two short stories to the call, Break Away, and Retreat, both contemporary romances. To her surprise, both stories were accepted, and Niamh officially became a published author when SunkissedOpens in a new tab. was released in 2012.

That same year, Freya Publications approached Niamh about publishing the full-length version of a short story she had been releasing on the Academy of Bards. Niamh accepted the offer and in December 2012 her debut novel, Mask of the HighwaywomanOpens in a new tab. was published.

Always one to go her own way, Niamh experimented with self-publishing and in 2013 she published a retelling of the Hansel and Gretel fairytale, Gretel: A Fairytale Opens in a new tab.Retold, which has been highly rated and loved by fans ever since.

After this experience, Niamh decided to make a career out of her writing and took a break from publishing to work on completing her master’s degree, which she completed in 2016. During this time, Freya Publications went into administration and handed back the rights to Mask of the HighwaywomanOpens in a new tab.. After her experience self-publishing, Niamh decided against taking the book to another publisher and instead decided to publish the book herself on KDP.

In early 2017, Niamh followed up the success of Gretel: A Fairytale RetoldOpens in a new tab., and Mask of the HighwaywomanOpens in a new tab., with a collection of her short stories titled Magic and RomanceOpens in a new tab., followed shortly by her second novel, Escape to Pirate IslandOpens in a new tab., which she showcased at L-FestOpens in a new tab. in the same year.

Niamh’s books have been well received and reviewed by The Lesbian Book ReviewOpens in a new tab., and The LesbraryOpens in a new tab. as well by various independent bloggers. As well as writing guest posts for websites such as Bibliosapphic, a blog dedicated to sapphic literatureOpens in a new tab., she has also appeared on Women and WordsOpens in a new tab., and her books have been part of the popular Lesbian Book BingoOpens in a new tab. run by Jae.

In 2018, Niamh began publishing her fantasy series, Dark AgeOpens in a new tab. and the first book in the series, Dragon Whisper, was quickly picked up by Tantor MediaOpens in a new tab. to be made into an audiobook which was released in 2019, with more to follow.

Since 2013, Niamh published her own work under her NIM PublishingOpens in a new tab. label and in 2021 she launched a new website NIMPublishing.com where she provides insight and advice on the publishing world to help new young authors follow in her footsteps.


This is a complete list of Niamh Murphy’s published works:

SunkissedOpens in a new tab. (Contributor)2012Anthology
Mask of the HighwaywomanOpens in a new tab.2012/15Novel
Gretel: A Fairytale RetoldOpens in a new tab.2013Novella
Magic and RomanceOpens in a new tab.2017Short Story Collection
Escape To Pirate IslandOpens in a new tab.2017Novel
Dragon EssenceOpens in a new tab.2018Novella
Dragon WhisperOpens in a new tab.2018Novel
OutlawOpens in a new tab.2019Novel
ScarletOpens in a new tab.2021Novel
Niamh Murphy’s Published Works

For a list of works in progress and free stories, head over to the free books sectionOpens in a new tab. of the website.