Niamh Murphy is an author of adventure books with lesbian main characters.

Welcome! I’m Niamh Murphy.

I write bestselling adventure books with lesbian main characters!

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I tell romantic and exciting stories of gripping adventure and epic fantasy. I love to explore historical settings, science fiction landscapes, and fantasy worlds. My stories involve exciting characters such as knights, pirates, vampires, and mermaids. But I also tell more down-to-earth stories involving teenage angst, coming out, and exploring lesbian relationships for the first time.

I most enjoy rewriting fairy tales for the modern reader or re-telling mythical stories of old with a sapphic twist. But whatever the genre I choose to write in, my stories always include romance, love, and a lesbian main character.

So, if you want to read adventure books with lesbian main characters, you are in the right place!

More About Niamh Murphy

I have always loved making books.

When I was a child, I would spend hours and hours patiently cutting up paper, folding, glueing, and stapling the sheets in order to turn my stories into books for my friends.

There was nothing I enjoyed more than telling stories, writing little plays, or making up new ‘imagination games.’ They would always involve an adventure. Sometimes we were lost in an epic maze and had to find our way out. Other times we were outlaws living in the forest and running from dangerous sentries on horseback.

I played out stories in my head of knights on adventures, journeys into space, pirates, time-travellers, superheroes, samurais, other worlds, and different dimensions.

Growing up in rural Wales gave me so much inspiration to fuel my imagination. There were dry-stone ruins hidden away in the woods, a great mysterious tower on the hill, fairy tale castles, and majestic mountains of dark slate. Not to mention the Welsh myths of dragons and knights we would be told in our school assemblies.

There was nothing I enjoyed more than reading, writing, and acting, but I struggled with school. At around the age of fourteen, I had trouble reading, finishing my work, and even staying awake. I was often too tired to make the journey to class and skipped days became skipped weeks, which turned into skipped terms.

For the next five years, I struggled to do anything and most days, I could not get out of bed. I even had to be home-schooled during my GCSE’s. I lost all my friends simply because I could rarely leave the house. All I could do was retreat into my imagination. I played out stories in my head of knights on adventures, journeys into space, pirates, time-travellers, superheroes, samurais, other worlds, and different dimensions.

Places that I could only explore in my mind.

It took years to diagnose, but I was eventually told I had M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and although there is no cure, just knowing what I had meant that I could start my journey toward recovery.

Even though I was very ill for a very long time, all I wanted to do was to complete my education and I didn’t want my illness to hold me back. Although it took me twice as long as everyone else, I eventually got my five A-Levels and was accepted into UCL, one of the top universities in the world, to study Medieval Archaeology and history.

After graduating, I got a ‘real job’ in the city of London. I wore a suit every day and worked over sixty hours a week with horrible colleagues, nasty customers, and belligerent clients. I hated every single minute of it.

It wasn’t long before those sixty-hour weeks made me ill again. This time I gladly gave up my job and flat so I could go back to my hometown of Colchester and recover without the stress of having a ‘Big City Job’. It was a wrench at the time because I really believed that the only way to succeed was to work my way up the corporate ladder, but looking back now I realise it was the best decision I ever made.

I had one story in my head that simply would not go away.

It was during these long months of recovery, often too ill to leave my bed, that I retreated into my imagination. I remembered all the stories I created in my teens, and all those games my friends and I used to play when I was a child. It was then I knew that when I ever recovered, I would write these stories down.

I had decided that I wanted to become a writer.

At first, I didn’t know where to start. I hadn’t written a story since I was thirteen and I had written no poetry for years! But I had one story in my head that simply would not go away. It was about a young eighteenth-century aristocrat, love at first sight, and a mysterious dark-haired highwaywoman.

Mask of the Highwaywoman was born!

Very tentatively, I uploaded the finished short story to an online forum to see if anyone would like it. They did. Not only did they like it, but they also encouraged me to expand the story even further and together we went on an exhilarating journey toward completing my first ever novel.

It was a task I never thought I could ever physically achieve.

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The moment I held the published book in my hands, I knew that I never wanted to do anything but write and I signed up to study for an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Essex to get the skills I needed to achieve my goal.

During those years of study, my M.E. meant that I struggled to hold down a job, complete my assignments on time, and still work on all my own projects. But with support from my family, and the woman I am lucky enough to spend my life with, I got through and eventually graduated in the Autumn of 2016.

It fired me up. I was ready to start my journey to becoming a full-time author!

My Vision

I have dozens of half-written stories and thrilling plots sitting and waiting to be written.

I want to create science fiction stories, fantasy worlds, steampunk heroines, mistresses of detective fiction, paranormal hunters, courageous spies, awkward superheroes, and explore every era of history!

I want to tell tales of knights, mages, mermaids, and space Captains AND I want these amazing stories to be led from the front by powerful women who love women. 

I want to see the shelves of bookstores bursting with all the fantastic representation on the shelves, and I want to help you read it all!

If this sounds like an adventure you want to join, you can

Right now I’m giving away a copy of my tale of Dragons, Wizards, and Warriors to everyone who joins my Book Group, plus there are loads more free stories once you’ve joined.

Ready for adventure?

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Happy reading,

Niamh x