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Author Interview: E.A. Kafkalas

A Novelist and playwright, EA Kafkalas is the author of  The Second Heart, Soul Mistakes, and Frankie & Petra, as well as the plays Lopsided and Pandora’s Golden Box.

She describes herself as a ‘True Renaissance Woman’ and it’s not hard to see why! As well as being a playwright she has produced, directed, and even acted in the theatre, something the rest of us might only dream of (or have nightmares about depending on your point of view!) She is an artist as well, working with clay and acrylics and, unless I am very much mistaken, she painted the cover images for her books, which is not something many authors are able to do!

A Novelist and playwright, @EAKafkalas is the author of The Second Heart, Soul Mistakes, and Frankie & Petra, check out her interview! Click To Tweet

Her books vary in genre and she has written works with science-fiction elements as well detective fiction and she touches on the theme of loss in her latest work, Out of Grief.

She did explain, in case you were wondering how to pronounce her name, that the first and second letters are initials, so E.A. and the last name is just as it appears: Kaf-kal-as.

Which got me wondering about my own name, Niamh, it’s a quite a common name in the UK but I still get called ‘Nim’ or ‘Naomi’ but (despite the spelling!) it is actually pronounced ‘Neeve’. Perhaps this is something I should mention more often!

But enough about me, I only had the chance to ask five questions, so check out her answers below!

When was the first time you realised the power of words?

I was raised in a household where words and language were regarded as things to be wielded with extreme caution. I was taught to carefully think about what I put on paper, as words can cut deeper than any knife. Wounds can heal, but you can remember what a person said forever.

"Wounds can heal, but you can remember what a person said forever." – @eakafkalas Click To Tweet

So, if you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

Just keep writing no matter what.

These days, what is it you find the most difficult aspect of creating fiction?

Endings. Some times I get so attached to the characters that I don’t want the story to end.

So what kind of research do you do, to make sure your book is right?

I research before, during and after in the editing period. Research can include anything from reading to consulting with experts. I’m fortunate enough to have a doctor in the family, so that helps with a lot of the medical questions I have.

And what kind of projects are you cooking up for the future?

Thinking that The Cure, may turn into a series. Other than that, I take one thing at a time.

I’d like to thank E.A for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions, and if you would like to know even more about E.A. Kafkalas, she can be found on twitter: @eakafkalas, facebook and goodreads.

You can check out more of her work over on and you can also visit her at her website: where you can read extracts of her stories or even have her read extracts to you through an embedded podcast! What more could you ask for!?

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