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Today we are delighted to throw the spotlight on Monique S, a German author who explores trans sapphic characters in her stories.

"I aim as much at fellow transwomen as well as lesbians for my audience." Check out this profile of Trans Sapphic author, Monique S TWEET THIS

Read on to find out more about her own story as well as all the stories she has brought to the page.

Who are they?

Born in 1953 in Hamburg, Germany as a boy, Monique spent an unhappy childhood and adolescence struggling with being male. She left home for the general conscription as a conscientious objector and spent 2 1/2 years as paramedic in an ambulance of the Red Cross.

​After her service she travelled Europe for a year and upon her return eventually joined four others to found a company in the music industry. She became a well known designer of equipment for six years, until the pressure of her wish to become a woman got too strong and she came out as transgender.

Her career in the music industry more or less ended with that, but she still re-designed and produced the important part of the Scorpions’ sound system, before she became the technical directrice of two Theatre festivals, the “Sommertheater 1984” in Hamburg and for the Alte Oper the technical directrice of their Circus-Tent venue of the “Theater der Welt” 1985 in Grüneburgpark in Frankfurt.

Thereafter, in 1986 she went to Devon in the UK, started studying astrology and installed the odd sound and lighting system in Discotheques, where she also helped out as a waitress or barmaid sometimes, while she slowly grew a reputation as an astrologer. In 1995 she moved to Exmoor in Somerset/Devon, UK, where she started writing as a hobby but also got more and more interested in organic living and – due to her huge technical experience – renewable energies. Her best friend joined her in 1996 in the cottage she rented and for four years they pondered buying a cottage together, only to find the prices abnormally expensive.

During their searches they kept finding adds for house sales in Brittany, France and due to the already changing social climate in the UK for the worse, they built a micro camper on the base of a car based van and went to Italy through France to visit a friend near Rome. Back in the UK they decided o move to rural France. In 2000 they ended up in central Brittany.

Monique worked in Brittany as an electrician at first and rapidly acquired other building skills necessary to restore an old Breton Farmhouse like laying natural Granite for walls or building and slating a roof. Already having been living without television since 1995 living without electricity and mains water was the next step to more independence and ones own energy sources. Today Monique concentrates on her writing, but still counsels people on sustainable living and sometimes with astrology.

What do they write?

“I am writing a variety of genres: Fantasy was my first, then came a Crime Story followed by a romance, a teen adventure story another romance and just now a follow up to the Fantasy.

In all my books a transwoman falls in love with a lesbian. I aim as much at fellow transwomen as well as lesbians for my audience.”

Where can I find them?

On my website you find all my books as well as what I did professionally all my life as technician, some of which has actually formed the heroine of my first romance in some respects my Princess of Lights has quite a bit of autobiographical traits as a transwoman, but also a good bit of fiction.

I also do counsel people on sustainability and energy-self sufficiency and there is information about that There, too. Since I live in Brittany part of the section about sustainability is in French.”

What have they written?

What If?

What if even an ordinary mortal could alter history? There are so many theories as to what time is and what it would mean, what if you could alter history and create an alternative time line in a parallel universe.

Well, being interested in Astronomy and a technician, I have always rejected such theories, until the fateful day I woke up in HER bed and found myself changed …

The Princess of Lights

Magna is almost desperate, a disastrous legal dispute with his ex-partners has left him more or less broke, unemployed and unable to find work.

Well and truly in need of a break and money Magna decides to copy a page from Sandra’s book and to do something rather crazy, he offers to work the length of the contract pretending to be a woman…

Foreign Influence

A dead body has been dumped in the red light district of Hamburg and the Head of the local station, Revier Davidstrasse or Davidwache, as the locals know it, isn’t happy at all. There are no clues as to the identity of the victim, who, despite her very nice female attributes, isn’t quite that: a woman. Kommissar Schneider asks for help from special branch, the Sonderdezernat, and Hauptkommisar Buchholz charges his most experienced agent, Wolf Schwedt, who is a master of disguises, with it.


In the aftermath of the second world war in Germany a mother has to leave her child behind to be able to escape two former Gestapo officers, who are in search of revenge for what she did in the war, when her code name was Viper. She leaves the boy in the care of two ladies of the quarter, Hamburg’s famous red light district, the Kiez, as the locals call it.

A Tale of Seduction (Book 1)

When Maureen hears two girls in the waiting room making derogatory remarks about a guy, one of them dated but dumped rather soon, because he wasn’t into rough sex, she realises that this guy might just be the person she’d like to have as a partner.

A Tale of Seduction II: Help from an unexpected quarter

Following the holidays Steph and Maureen return to Exeter to start the research project, but Maureen immediately has to realise, that the in the meantime gathered and analysed data are completely inconsistent. Can the mysterious Monika, an astrologer Stephanie had heard about, really help? Maureen is sceptical, but her little angel is convinced that yes.

Why should I read them?

“What a great story I could not stop reading”
– Amazon Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I enjoyed this story because it was very heartwarming and left me with a smile on my face. My favourite type of story.”
– Amazon Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Forget what you think you know about Greek mythology & just enjoy the story.”
– Amazon Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Where do I start?

Magna is almost desperate, a disastrous legal dispute with his ex-partners has left him more or less broke, unemployed and unable to find work.

The offer from London to interview for the position of technical director seems like a god-sent. He quickly contacts his long term friend Sandra for a place to sleep and spends most of his last money on the plane ticket to Heathrow.

Sandra is overjoyed to see him again and appalled at the story of the betrayal by his former partners, of whom he had thought of as friends. Magna on the other hand learns that Sandra has found out that she is definitely bi if not lesbian and now is in a relationship with a lesbian partner, May, who has a rather unusual profession, she is a wardrobe mistress.

The two women joke about him having a make-over by May and then going out as three girls, but none of them knows yet, how much May’s experience will be needed very soon, as the job interview reveals, that What Else Productions looks for a high class female lighting technician as technical director for an all female musical production.

Well and truly in need of a break and money Magna decides to copy a page from Sandra’s book and to do something rather crazy, he offers to work the length of the contract pretending to be a woman …

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