11 Awesome BookTubers Who Review Lesbian and WLW Fiction

As both an author and an avid reader, I know it is not always easy to find new queer books or to get my books into the hands of eager readers, so I thought I would bring you a list of my favourite Queer BookTubers Who Review Lesbian and WLW Fiction.

A Queer BookTuber is someone who has a YouTube channel dedicated to book-related content, such as reviews and recommendations, and is also part of the LGBTQIA+ community, identifies as queer, or is passionate about promoting queer writers on YouTube.

1. Problems of a Book Nerd

Cece describes herself as ‘super gay’ and her channel is focused on all things book and bookish.

The channel started seven years ago and Cece has been posting book-related content on a regular schedule for the last five years.

As well as book hauls and book tags for books in a variety of genres, Cece regularly posts lists of recommended queer reads and is focused on heavily promoting LGBTQIA+ fiction.

She also posts the occasional book inspired song.

2. Virginia Woof

‘Virginia Woof’ has been posting new videos to BookTube roughly every week or so for the last five years.

As well as the regular book tags, book hauls, and book challenges, she also videos around topics such as feminism and BLM.

Although not always focused on queer literature ‘Virginia Woof’ does provide a queer feminist reading of the books she reviews.

3. Things Lucy Reads

Luce has been uploading her videos for around six years and must have made at least a few hundred videos all between around five to fifteen minutes long and covering book hauls, readathon’s and queer book tags.

Updating only the occasional video recently, she is far more active with regular updates on twitter and instagram @thingslucyreads.

As well as posting video the usual BookTuber reviews, Luce also reviews book subscription boxes and is one of the only BookTubers on the list to regularly post her thoughts on AudioBooks.

4. Sues BookNook

Sue Moro is an enby bookseller who has been posting reviews, book hauls, and recommendation videos to youtube for over eight years.

The read and review a wide variety of genres, with a particular passion for dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction.

As well as posting regularly to YouTube, Sue posts all their reviews on Goodreads, and provides regular updates on Twitter about the super adorable (shih tzu?) Skippy.

5. perpetualpages

Adri has been running Perpetual Pages for more than six years and has created hundreds of videos mostly focused on queer books.

As well as the usual book haul and book review lists, Adri also posts queer reading lists and new release videos so you know what is on the way for queer fiction in the month ahead.

As well as queer and gender-queer authors and books, Adri is passionate about diverse authors of colours and promoting their stories with new videos being posted four or five times a month.

6. Danika Leigh Ellis

As well as running her own BookTube channel, Danika Leigh Ellis also runs the Lesbrary and is a contributing editor for Book Riot. She lives and breathes books about and by queer women, and the Lesbrary has already made a huge contribution to queer fiction.

Danika has been making videos regularly for her YouTube channel for over seven years, and while her videos focus mainly on books she occasionally posts videos on related topics.

Most of her reviews and recommendations are focused on sapphic books and she will regularly discuss the latest wlw bestseller, or find a dozen books in a tiny niche for you to binge.

7. BooksandLala

The Books and Lala YouTube channel is run by queer Booktuber Kayla, who has been regularly making video content for the channel for five years. Nearly all her videos are book-related, including book reviews, recommendations and occasionally some reading challenges.

Kayla posts about a wide variety of genres including sci-fi, light romance and hard-hitting contemporary, but she also re-reads some childhood favourites and examines them in the light of adulthood.

Generally, Kayla avoids posting lists or recommendations focused on ‘Queer’ book lists, and instead tries to focus on incorporating LGBTQIA+ books within her genre-focused recommendations or book reviews and boosting profiles of authors whose works she admires.

8. Books & Waffles

Books & Waffles has been around for five years and is hosted by Nicole, who is from Moscow but makes all her content in English.

She regularly posts videos that include all the usual round-ups and video reviews, as well as book rankings, review reactions, and discussions of fanfiction and tropes in media.

As well as videos on LGBTQIA+ books, she also posts occasional videos on queer movies and TV Shows with her ‘Queer Movie Night’ series.

9. The Artisan Geek

Seji has been running The Artisan Geek for two years and in that time she has put out dozens of videos mainly focused on book reviews and recommendations but there are also a couple of personal videos and videos about art.

Seji also hosts @FortnightFright over on twitter, which is a two-week event that takes place in October and celebrates horror fiction and the macabre.

The Artisan Geek consistently reviews and recommends diverse fiction across a range of genres, with quarterly summaries that regularly include queer fiction.

10. Jean BookishThoughts

Jean BookishThoughts is the YouTube home of classicist and PhD student Jean Menzies who has written a book for children exploring the ancient Greek Myths and also hosts a podcast eploring classics and its place in today’s world.

Her YouTube channel is devoted to classical literature, ancient history, being a student, social issues, and, of course, book reviews.

The channel is now over seven years old and has hundreds of videos on a whole range of topics with the main focus being books and book reviews or round ups. She adds new content a couple of times a week and her reviews often include LGBTQIA+ recommendations, with several videos dedicated solely to #QueerLitReads.

11. Bowties & Books

Bowties & Books was started over two years ago by Jesse, who also created the EnbyBookClub over on Instagram where they host discussions on gender representations in literature.

Jesse has created over a hundred videos on their YouTube channel including readathons, unboxings, books hauls, and reviews in which they discuss books with queer main characters, and books with characters of colour.

There are also some really meaty videos with a solid 40mins filled with LGBTQ+ recs and a deep dive into queer black books.

The channel is a fab source of recommendations, hot takes, and honest opinions around all things diverse and fiction.

There are dozens and dozens of BookTubers focused on spreading the word about books in hundreds of different genres and from a huge range of diverse voices.

This list is a great place to get you started.


Niamh Murphy is the best-selling author of 'Escape to Pirate Island' and other adventure books with lesbian main characters. Read more here.

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