10 Free Lesbian Erotica Short Stories You Can Read Right Now

I know that a lot of people want to tuck lesbian erotica away into a dark cupboard and never, ever think about sex of any kind. But many writers, myself included, think it’s good to see ourselves as sexual beings and explore our own sexual fantasies or just write a […]

New Release: Incidents (Carpenter/Harding Series Book 11) by Barbara Winkes

Barbara Winkes is an author of lesbian books filled with drama and suspense. Her latest crime thriller ‘Incidents’ is out now, and is the latest instalment of the Carpenter/Harding series. No one saw it coming… Jordan is ready to go back to work after her maternity leave, but an unexpected […]

WLW Short Story: On My Desk By Friday

I wrote this erotic short story nearly ten years ago. It is one of the very first lesbian stories I ever wrote and I originally shared it online in a fanfiction forum and then on my Wattpad profile. But I thought it was time to dig it out of the […]

WLW Book Extract: Mask of The Highwaywoman

I’m Niamh Murphy, author of adventure fiction with lesbian main characters, and I love lesbian historical romances! I love adventure fiction, the kind of books where you heart skips a beat when our heroine gets into trouble! I especially love historical adventure books and if they have a touch of […]

Where Can I Download Free Lesbian Books Online?

As an author of wlw fiction, I love setting up giveaways and promotions so my readers can download free lesbian books. But I’m not the only one, so I decided to scour the internet and bring you all the best places you can find lesbian books with free downloads. Authors […]

Anne Hagan: A Little Sale of Everything

Anne Hagan is an author of over twenty books featuring lesbians and women who love women in genres ranging from romances to crime thrillers. For the next seven days, Anne Hagan is putting her entire backlist on sale. This means that from the 25th of September until October 1st every […]

New Release: Traveller by Caitríona Page

Caitríona Page is a new author and her debut novel, ‘Traveller’ follows Ríona, an Irish immigrant, whose world has been turned upside down by the death of her mother. The novel explores the struggle of coming out after Ríona’s first loves ends badly and she buries herself further in the […]

6 Highwaywoman Books for Queer Girls who Love Outlaws and Adventure!

Mysterious strangers, hidden identities, young women being swept off their feet by dashing rogues! We all know why we love the idea of the Highwayman, but if have ever hankered for a lesbian retelling with dashing queer women in the lead role who sweeps in with her mask, flintlock, and […]