Book Promotion Submission

Are you an Author?

Do you write fiction with an LGBTQIA+ character?

Do you have a new book coming out, or a 99c promotion? Perhaps a free book that you want readers to hear about?

My audience especially loves books with lesbian characters, and they would love to hear about you and your work. So, why not take a minute to fill out this quick book promo form, and I’ll release it on my blog, through twitter, my facebook page, and (if relevant) I’ll share it in my Friday newsletter as well.

Once you have submitted the form I’ll be in touch to let you know if it has been approved and when it will be published. Good luck with the promo!

If the book is not available on Amazon please provide either a universal book link, or any other URL to where the book can be purchased.
This could be a 99c sale, a Free Day, a New Release, a Cover Reveal, an Award Win, or just that your book needs a little lift.

If you have any trouble with the form, you can contact me via email: