Niamh’s WLW Book Recs: The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

Samantha Shannon’s sprawling epic fantasy seems to be the biggest spring blockbuster in lesbian fiction, so I thought I would take a deeper look and plunged into the 800-page fantasy. About the Author: Samantha Shannon was born in West London in 1991. She started writing in abundance when she was […]

New Release: A Marine’s Conflict by Jax Meyer

You might already be familiar with Dal Segno, A Marine Awakening and A Marine Discovery, all part of the A Marine Heart series by Jax Meyer. Now book four, the latest standalone book in the series, has been released! Get to know character Mags and her passionate encounters with Lane […]

New Release: Honor In Control by Gloria Browda

If you love hard-as-nails, noir detectives who don’t mind blurring the lines to get what they’re after, then you will love G. R. Browder’s hardboiled gumshoe, Gloria Morris. Written with the flair and style of the original private eye stories, but set in today’s world, Browda brings her books totally […]

New Release: And a Door Opened, 1-3 by S Derkins

After sharing her fiction online to fans, S Derkins is now releasing her epic lesbian series, ‘The Mother Earth Series’, on Amazon. Other titles include Pathfinder’s Journey, Diplomacy, Choices, People of Stones, but the best place to start on this fantastical journey is with Books 1-3 available now as ‘And […]

New Release: The Audacity 2: Time Warp by Laura Loup

May & Xan are wildly successful rocket racers, but when a tea-sipping robot arrests Xan, and Chaos steals the Sphere of Time, May must team up with an adventure biologist & her undead girlfriend to save Xan, the Audacity, & Time Itself. The Audacity 2: Time Warp is the latest […]

Niamh Murphy – Why I Wrote a Female Pirate Captain

To celebrate the relaunch of my most popular novel, Escape to Pirate Island, I thought it would be a fantastic time to talk about the main character in the book and some of the inspirations behind her. If you haven’t read the book yet, don’t worry, I’ll make sure I […]

Author Interview: Michele L. Rivera

I’m a bit of a softie when it comes to coming out stories, and second-chance romance. So it is a huge joy to welcome Lesbian romance author, Michele L. Riveria who is here to talk about her upcoming re-release, as well as her own experiences of dating and writing her […]

Book Reviewer Interview: The Lesbian Book Blog

I have been lucky enough to sit down and chat with Deb, the awesome host of The Lesbian Book Blog. Authors and readers alike rely on the time and effort put into those all-important reviews and so I wanted to find out more. Check out the interview below for Deb’s […]

Author Interview: Emilie Nantel

Open relationships and polyamory are not topics that are usually represented in mainstream fiction. But Emilie Nantel is doing her best to break the mould, and lend her [bilingual] voice to the underrepresented. I’m lucky enough that she found the time to stop by and chat about her inspirations and […]