5 Pirate Themed Audiobooks for Adventure Loving Girls who Love Girls!

You may have noticed I have been sharing lot’s of pirate-themed content to celebrate the updated release of my book Escape To Pirate Island! Now it’s time to share some love for some other pirate-themed books with lesbian characters that you may not have heard of. This post will focus […]

4 Lesbian Retellings of the Robin Hood Legend

Robin Hood but make it lesbian! If you have a hankering for adventure, swooning medieval maidens and dashing damsels, women who love women and can kick some legendary ass while they’re at it, then look no further! I have wanted a lesbian slant on the tales of Robin Hood since […]

16 Great Reads for Lesbians and Queer Girls who Love Pirates!

Love Pirates? Love stories with a lesbian main character? Want to read about some great lesbian pirates and their awesome adventures? Well, I have collected together some fantastic books to sate your thirst for all things lesbian and pirate! So without further ado and in no particular order, I present […]