15 Facebook Groups you NEED to Join if you LOVE Lesbian Fiction

Facebook and social media in general often seem to be in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. However, there is still one thing that the internet and social networks are still good at; connecting people. If you are looking for like-minded readers, who enjoy fiction lesbian characters and […]

5 Pirate Themed Audiobooks for Adventure Loving Girls who Love Girls!

You may have noticed I have been sharing lot’s of pirate-themed content to celebrate the updated release of my book Escape To Pirate Island! Now it’s time to share some love for some other pirate-themed books with lesbian characters that you may not have heard of. This post will focus […]

Classic Authors with Lesbian Fiction on Project Gutenberg

Thought it was impossible to get free lesbian fiction from before the internet? Think again! Whenever I read about tips and tricks on getting free books or borrowing books online, one site that comes up, again and again, is Project Gutenberg. For anyone searching for queer fiction, this can be […]

Digital Libraries Where You Can Read Lesbian Fiction For FREE

Are you looking for free lesbian fiction? Perhaps places where you can download free lesbian books and wlw novels? But you still want the authors to benefit and you don’t want to resort to piracy? Libraries are having a huge resurgence, despite so many of them suffering cuts all around […]

4 Lesbian Retellings of the Robin Hood Legend

Robin Hood but make it lesbian! If you have a hankering for adventure, swooning medieval maidens and dashing damsels, women who love women and can kick some legendary ass while they’re at it, then look no further! I have wanted a lesbian slant on the tales of Robin Hood since […]

Read and Review Sites Where You Can Get Free Lesbian Fiction

If you are a professional book blogger, a newbie reviewer, or just and avid reader, finding the books you want can be an expensive pain. Authors don’t always come knocking on your door, and when they do they might not have the kind of books you want to read. If […]

Amazing Places Where You Can Win Lesbian Novels and wlw Books

What better way to get hold of your next hot lesbian romance, or kick-ass lesbian sci-fi than to win it in a contest? All over the internet, there are constant giveaways and contests, all you have to do is keep an eye on the hashtag #Giveaway on Twitter and you’ll […]

Lesbian and WLW Publishers Giving Away Free Books!

Going direct to the source is a great way to find new books and freebies. Publishers want you to find and fall in love with their books and many have a page dedicated to their current free books, others do giveaways and contests. I’ve compiled a list of publishers who […]

5 Places to Get PermaFree Lesbian Books (Without Using Pirate Sites)

If you are looking to get your hands on some of the best lesbian fiction books around, completely free, then look no further! I’m about to show you 5 great places you can get your hands on PermaFree lesbian books. Permafree books are simply books that are permanently free. As […]