Carol: Lesbian Movie Review

Lesbian movies are getting better and more frequent. Lesbian roles seem to be becoming the ‘go-to’ role for the eager Oscar hunting actress, and Carol was no exception, with both it’s stars receiving nominations. It is a glossy, sultry, period piece with literary heritage. But was it made for lesbians? […]

Lesbian TV Show Review: Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack, the groundbreaking and at times hilarious lesbian period drama, has finally aired the last episode of season one over here in the UK. While we are all still reaching for the tissues and counting down furiously researching the release dates of season two, I thought it was time […]

5 Lesbian Literary Movies to See This Summer

There was a time when the release of a movie with two women kissing was a huge deal that only happened once in a blue moon. But things are starting to move in the right direction and we are being swamped with women who love women on our screens. So […]