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Hi there!

I’m Niamh Murphy, author of adventure books with lesbian main characters. I understand how hard it is to get niche and marginalised books into the hands of new readers.

Diverse fiction should be accessible and marginalised readers need to hear about the great content they deserve. So, if you find this page useful, make sure you share it with other authors!

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Because I am a lesbian author, I know my readers want to hear about books from other lesbian authors. But they also want to know about other great authors who write fantastic books with LGBTQIA+ characters. 

If you are an LGBTQIA+ author, or if you have a book with at least one prominent LGBTQIA+ character that you think my readers would love to read, then why not help me tell them about it?

I have created a few easy to fill out forms to make it simple for you to spread the word. Click on the relevant link below to take you to the form that best describes what you’re promoting. 

Cover Reveal

Do you have a new release on the horizon? Then why not hit the ground running and create some pre-launch buzz with a cover reveal?

I’ll showcase your book cover on my blog, tweet about it to my followers, and announce the reveal to my Facebook page.

Click Here to see an example of a cover reveal blog.

New Release

After going to all the effort of writing the book, putting it together for publication, and even creating pre-launch buzz, don’t let the fire go out!

Kick things up a gear with a New Release Announcement. I’ll shout about your new release on my blog, tweet about it to my followers, and announce the launch date to my Facebook page.

Click Here to see an example of a New Release Announcement

Author Interview

Don’t let the momentum stop!

Launches are a great time to post extra content like an interview. But ‘between books’ is a great time to reach out to new readers and get them excited about your back-list.

Just fill in three or four (or all of them!) answers in my pre-prepared form and: Voila! You’ve been interviewed!

Interviews are fantastic evergreen content, so I’ll regularly share your interview on social media for months, even years to come!

Click Here to see an example of an Author Interview

Book List

One of the most popular blogs that you can create as an author is a Book List!

These days we are lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of books with fantastic queer content, this is amazing! But it creates a problem – how do readers sift through the HUGE array of books out there to find the ones that they will love?

That is where YOU come in! With your in-depth knowledge of the genres you write within, you are in a unique position to create lists of books that fit into really specific niches!

You need to aim for around five to twenty books in your list, so think of really specific tropes, settings, characters, whatever it is that you love.

If you write sci-fi books where the lesbian lead is also the Captain of a space ship – write a list of the books that hit that niche (and include yours at the top of the list!)

If you write books with pet dogs, or where one of the leads is a Vet – then write that book list!

This is a brilliant piece of content that promotes YOUR book and will fit on your own website or blog – but if you are trying to build your audience and increase the hits on your website, then I’m only too happy to host your books list and shout about it all over social media!

Click Here to see an example of a Book List

Guest Post Query

Guest posting is a fantastic way to showcase your skills as a writer, provide great content for new readers to find, and create backlinks to your own author platform.

You can write a guest post on almost any topic! This is an author website focused on providing great content to readers who love diverse fiction. So, I want LGBTQIA+ fiction, personal essays, and blogs about your love of Queer history or pop culture.

ve diverse fiction. So, I want LGBTQIA+ fiction, personal essays, and blogs about your love of Queer history or pop culture.

If you are still a bit hazy on what a guest post is, or why it is a fantastic way of boosting your profile, then check out: THE AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO GUEST POSTING AND INCREASING TRAFFIC

Click Here to see an example of a great Guest Post

Book Promotion

One of the basics we authors get told over and over again is that we should be doing book promotions. Whether that is a free day, a price drop to 99c for a week, or a 25% off sale – organising the promotion is one thing, letting people know about it is quite another.

So, I have created a brand new page for you to submit your next big promo! Just fill in a few details and, if it gets approved, I’ll ensure it goes out on the day of your promotion! Easy as that!

Click here to see an example of a Book Promo

Sapphic Author Directory

Do you have a mailing list? Do you have a Free book you give away to all new subscribers? Are you looking to grow your list and add brand new readers all the time?

Then you need to add your sign-up offer to the Sapphic Author Freebie Directory.

Author Profile

Are you are an experienced author with a few books to your name? Are you looking for a great way to showcase your back catalogue to a new audience? Then it is worth considering an Author Profile.

This is a more extensive and detailed overview of your books and your author platform. It is a great way for complete newbies to get to know you. Throw in a link to a PermaFree book and you’ll have a constant stream of new readers and subscribers!

I can’t wait to hear from you! #WeNeedDiverseBooks

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