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I’m Niamh Murphy, author of adventure books with lesbian main characters. I understand how hard it is to get niche and marginalised books into the hands of new readers, but I know my readers want to hear about books from other lesbian and WLW authors.

I believe diverse fiction should be accessible, and marginalised readers need to hear about the great content they deserve. So, if you find this page useful, make sure you share it with other writers.

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I want to help you spread the word about your latest release and your back catalogue of fabulous sapphic books, so I’ve created a few easy to fill out forms to make it simple for you to spread the word. 

Just click on the links below to find out more about each promotion opportunity. 

Quick Wins

Only have five minutes? Promote your book in a flash with one of these quick promotions that only take a couple of minutes to submit.

Book Launch

Promote your book launch with a New Release Announcement.

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Advertise your price drop with a Book Sale Announcement.

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Showcase your book with a short extract or a free chapter.

Big Wins

Want a bigger hit? If you a little extra time you can get even more out of the promo with these super popular posts that readers will flock to.

Short Story

Charm new readers with an old story, or write a brand new one.

Guest Post

Share insight and research or win readers over with your wit.

Book List

Promote your book by highlighting other great reads in your niche.

Author Favourites

If you don’t have a book to promote yet, or you just want to do something different, then why have a go at putting together one of these fun lists!

Favourite Movies

An awesome list of movies that come highly recommended by you!

Favourite TV Shows

Have a few great TV Shows you love to watch? Why not share them?

Favourite Books

If you love writing, you probably love reading. Share your fave books.

Mailing List Builders

Want to grow your mailing list? If you have a free book for subscribers then why not make the most out of it with these promo ideas:

Free Story List

Make a list of freebies in your niche that readers will absolutely love!

Author Directory

Add your reader magnet to my author freebie list.

Contest Promo

Holding a contest or giveaway to build your list? Let me know!

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Is this all just a thinly veiled attempt to grow my following on social media? Yes, of course. Today you follow me on Twitter; tomorrow you follow me into battle to tear down the patriarchy. We’ll wear silly hats.

Top Tips

Finally, here are a few tips to help you if you are facing some of the most common and frustrating stumbling blocks. I’m not affiliated with any of these (that’s on my lengthy to do list though!) they are just free services that have been absolutely life-saving for me.

Need Reviews?

Use Booksprout to grow and manage your review team.

Need Graphics?

Join Canva for gorgeous templates and a library of stock images.

Need a PO Box?

Need an address for your mailing list? UKPostBox has you covered.

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What am I missing?
This is a page to help support YOU so if there is something here you know will help you out, just let me know in the comments or send me an email.