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Hi there!

I’m Niamh Murphy, author of adventure books with lesbian main characters. I understand how hard it is to get niche and marginalised books into the hands of new readers.

Diverse fiction should be accessible and marginalised readers need to hear about the great content they deserve. So, if you find this page useful, make sure you share it with other WLW Book Bloggers and Lesbian Fiction Reviewers!

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Because I am a lesbian author, I know my readers want to hear about books from other lesbian and wlw authors. If you are a wlw book blogger or a lesbian fiction reviewer, then my readers want to know about you and your reviews, so why not help me tell them about you and your website?

If you are just starting out with a new blog or website, you might be overwhelmed and need a hand knowing where to even begin! I’m working on putting together plenty of tools to help you out, so keep an eye on this page!

I have created a few easy to fill out forms to make it simple for you to spread the word. Click on the relevant link below to take you to the form that best describes how you want to get promoting. 

Join my Review Squad

If you are already a fan of my books, or you like the idea of reading adventure fiction with lesbian main characters, then why not join my review squad?

As well as tips and tricks on reviewing and building a platform, every month you get the chance to download a review copy of one of my books. There are only ever 10 review copies each time so if you don’t have time one month, you can grab a copy next time around.

If this sounds like something for you, then click below to apply!

Review Site Submission

If you run or know of a site that reviews wlw fiction (it can review other things too) that I haven’t included in the Big List of Lesbian Fiction Review Sites and WLW Book Bloggers, LET ME KNOW.

I have created a super simple form you can fill out and submit in just a few seconds, so please don’t sit there fuming that I missed you. I’m super sorry that I did – but let me know you’re there and I will add you!

Click Here to see the Big List of Lesbian Fiction Review Sites and WLW Book Bloggers

Read and Review Sites

If you are a professional book blogger, a newbie reviewer, or just an avid reader, finding the books you want can be an expensive pain.

Authors don’t always come knocking on your door, and when they do they might not have the kind of books you want to read.

If you are looking for ways to get hold of FREE REVIEW COPIES either for your amazon reviews or for your high traffic book blog, then look no further!

NEW! Reviewer Interview Submission

Don’t let the momentum stop!

You take time to create awesome reviews, now you need to get some readers to see them! So, why not promote your blog with an interview?

I’ve set up a super simple interview form, with some fab questions for you to answer about you and your review site, and all you have to do is answer three or four (or all of them!) questions and: Voila! You’ve been interviewed!

Interviews are fantastic evergreen content, so I’ll regularly share your interview on social media for months, even years to come!

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Guest Post Query Submission

Guest posting is a fantastic way to showcase your skills as a great review writer, provide great content for new readers to find, and create backlinks to your own fab blog.

You can write a guest post on almost any topic! This is an author website focused on providing great content to readers who love diverse fiction. So, I want to know about your views on LGBTQIA+ fiction or read personal essays, and blogs about your love of queer books, queer history, or just queer pop culture.

If you are still a bit hazy on what a guest post is, or why it is a fantastic way of boosting your profile, then check out: THE AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO GUEST POSTING AND INCREASING TRAFFIC (This is fab for authors as well as reviewers)

Click Here to see a fantastic example of a great Guest Post

NEW! Book List Submission

One of the most popular blogs that you can create as a book reviewer is a Book List!

These days we are lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of books with fantastic queer content, this is amazing! But it creates a problem – how do readers sift through the HUGE array of books out there to find the ones that they will love?

That is where YOU come in! With your in-depth knowledge of WLW books and romantic LesFic, you are in a unique position to create lists of books that fit into really specific niches!

You need to aim for around five to twenty books in your list, so think of really specific tropes, settings, characters, whatever it is that you love.

If you love sci-fi books where the lesbian lead is also the Captain of a space ship – write the list of the books that hit that niche!

If you love animals, and love reading books where one of the leads is a Vet – then write that book list!

This is a brilliant piece of content for your own website – but if you are trying to build your audience and increase the hits on your website, then I’m only too happy to host your books list and shout about it all over social media!

Click Here to see an example of a Book List

COMING SOON! A Beginners Guide for new Reviewers!

Do you love reading LesFic and wlw books, but you’re too nervous about sharing your opinion, don’t know how to form a review, or just feel your writing isn’t ‘up to scratch’?

No Worries!

I’m an author now, but not many people realise that I worked as the Culture Editor for a magazine (I won’t say which one) and it was literally my day job to write literary reviews for new publications and theatre, as well as read, edit, (and occasionally rewrite!) the reviews of my team members.

I know what it takes to write a cracking review that, not only people will love reading, but that will also help readers really find out if the books (or comics or movies or web-series or so on) you are reviewing are something they want to read.

I can’t wait to hear from you! #WeNeedDiverseBooks

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