10 Free Lesbian Erotica Short Stories You Can Read Right Now

I know that a lot of people want to tuck lesbian erotica away into a dark cupboard and never, ever think about sex of any kind. But many writers, myself included, think it’s good to see ourselves as sexual beings and explore our own sexual fantasies or just write a really hot sex scene.

So what is lesbian erotica exactly? It is a literary genre that seeks to tell stories of women loving women. The themes are sexual and generally plausible character-focused stories and in this way, it is a genre that differs from pornography. Often the term ‘lesbian’ is used as a (clumsy) umbrella term which includes women who identify as bisexual, pansexual, queer, trans, non-binary and so on, whether or not they would use the term ‘lesbian’ to describe themselves or their relationship.

Here, I have sought to gather ten short stories, all of which are firmly in the lesbian erotica genre and are all available to either read online or download for free:

1. On My Desk By Friday by Niamh Murphy

I’m an author of adventure fiction with lesbian main characters. This story is one of my very earliest shorts and I have decided to dig it out of the vault and share it online, completely free.

I usually write stories about pirates or dragons, however, this story is set at a modern-day university campus and explores that feeling of having a crush on someone completely ‘unobtainable’ and the power that person can have over you, especially when it becomes clear they know exactly how you feel.

You can read ‘On My Desk by Friday’ right now over here.

2. Delicious by Niamh Murphy

This is a steamy short story that takes place on New Year’s eve.

The story focuses on a moment of change, not only with the relationship between the main character, Charlotte, and her crush, Nadia, but it is also a moment of change within Charlotte as the event of the evening alter the way she looks at herself and her actions over the previous year.

This story is available as a download to everyone who joins my mailing list and is a subscriber-exclusive.

3. Woman in Red by Eliza Andrews

Eliza Andrews is the author of Princess of Dorsa, Reverie, To Have Loved & Lost, Anika takes the long way home up soul mountain, and Paradise.

All of her stories feature LGBTQ women as the main characters protagonists and cites Game of Thrones and The 100 as being huge sources of inspiration for her writing.

The Woman in Red is a free steamy short story that all readers can download when they sign up to Eliza’s Readers Group, and if her style of writing sounds interesting then it will be well worth signing up!

4. News Flash by Candace Harper

Candace Harper is a queer, neurodivergent woman living with her partner, two cats and a dog in southern Virginia. Candace is the author of Mrs. Mix Up and Hugs & Quiches, as well as publishing several stories under the name Ceillie Simkiss. She is passionate about representing diverse women in her fiction.

News Flash follows the reporters Iveta Schmidt and Fiona Rivera who have been in stiff competition with one another for the last two years only to find themselves in locked together in a closed board meeting where tensions are high and time is running out.

You can pick up a copy of News Flash for free on FoxGloveFiction by entering the code newsletter_free at the checkout. Or by joining Candace Harper’s mailing list here.

5. Seduction for Beginners by Jae

Jae is a German lesbian fiction author who writes contemporary, paranormal, and historic romance, as well as romantic suspense and has been writing her award-winning lesbian fiction in English since 2006. She describes herself as an author of slow-burn romances and has compiled a list of 10 Slow-Burn Romance Novels featuring Women-Loving Women.

Seduction for Beginners is a short sequel to her novel Something in the Wine, in which Annie and Drew meet and pretend to fall in love only for the prank to become all too real.

Seduction for Beginners takes up where the previous book leaves off and follows the newly out Annie who is determined to seduce her girlfriend, Drew, on Valentine’s day. The only problem is, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Seduction for Beginners is available as a free purchase on the YVLA website.

6. Max by A.L. Brooks

A. L. Brooks, author of The Club, is a UK born writer currently living and working in Frankfurt, Germany. Her books are contemporary romances, often with more than a little sizzle and she has published nine books since 2016.

Max is a steamy short story that follows up on one of the characters from her debut, The Club, but the short definitely works as a standalone story and is available to read either online or as a download here.

7. Ice And Fire by Karin Kallmaker

Karin Kallmaker is an American author of lesbian fiction whose works also include those originally written under the name Laura Adams. She has written over forty books including short story collections and novellas, and her work includes romance and erotica in genres as diverse as contemporary romance, science fiction and fantasy.

Ice and Fire follows an adventurous couple on a hike who decide to enjoy more than the view and is available as a free download on Karin’s website (you will have to go through the checkout, but there will be no need to provide payment information)

8. I Missed The Way You Taste by Fiona Zedde

Fiona Zedde, author of Bliss, was born in Jamaica and now makes her home in Spain. She is an award-winning author who has published over thirty novels and short stories. Her writing focuses on queer women in queer romances and most of her work features black lesbian main characters.

I Missed The Way You Taste is a short story from her To Italy with Love collection in which women leave their familiar spaces, be it their own country, landscape, or state of mind, to discover uncharted, but not always idyllic, territories with lovers old and new.

I Missed The Way You Taste can be found for free on the refinery29 website.

9. Erasing the Lines by KD Williamson

KD is a Southerner currently lives in Louisiana and has written four novels in the best-selling Cops and Docs Series, two of which follow no-nonsense homicide detective Kelli McCabe and respected surgeon Dr Nora Whitmore.

Erasing the Lines catches up with Kelli and Nora who are now maintaining long-distance relationship but are somehow managing to find a way around the seperation.

This erotic short story is available as a free online download from the publisher’s website.

10. New Girl by Harper Bliss

Harper Bliss is the best-selling lesbian romance author of the Pink Bean Series. Among her most-loved books are the highly dramatic French Kissing and the often thought-provoking Pink Bean Series as well as many other novels and short stories.

Bliss specialises in contemporary romance and erotica and the erotic short, New Girl, follows Liz who is forced to share a room with the new girl on the volleyball team, something she enjoys far more than she expected.

New Girl is available online and as a free download from Harper Bliss’ website.

So those are my choices. All you have to worry about now, is which one you are going to read first!

Do you know of any that I’ve missed? If you know of a story that would fit in with this list, just pop it in the comments.

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