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R. Cane finds the human condition and our antics endlessly fascinating.

She enjoys writing ‘slice of life’ pieces about moments, situations, interactions, personalities – most often with some amount of humour or irony, always with wonder.

Her short story, Wish, is currently FREE on Smashwords. So if you’d like to read something a little quirky and different, while supporting wlw authors, then why not check it out?

Two women meet over recycling woes, roll into an impromptu thank you drink that goes a little sideways – which, of course calls for an apology drink. The apologee accepts to be nice, neighborly, but is feeling gun shy about spending much time with her cute, straight neighbor – fall for her favorite kind of unrequited mistake. Flirty, fun, slice of city life – with a few emotions and people problems like identity, sprinkled in.

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Life is endlessly fascinating, why not write about it?
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