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Do you love all those awesome relic hunter type adventures? Think Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Tomb Raider, or the classic King Solomons Mines. The best ones have a great lead, exotic locations, and a tonne of action.

But what they are all missing is a lesbian lead character and a few steamier scenes. That’s where Riley Rose’s ‘Laia Rios: Sex Raider’ series steps in. Riley Rose writes adventurous erotic fiction and these short reads really pack a punch in a few short pages.

Check out the extract below for a sneak peek behind the covers of book one – but reader beware; if you have any pearls handy, you might want to clutch them!

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Laia Rios is the most amazing adventurer and relic hunter on the planet. She travels the globe finding the most hidden artifacts and treasures. And having sex with the sexiest women of every nationality.

When she gets word of a new clue to the legendary Lust Idol of the Amazons, she can’t pass up the opportunity to find it. And all she’ll have to do is pass through a temple filled with the most elaborate sex traps ever.

Will Laia be able to withstand the increasingly mind-blowing challenges of sensual pleasure? Will she be able to retrieve the Lust Idol? And will she find some super-sexy Amazons?

Find out if the Sex Raider is up for the challenge in this new action/adventure erotica!

Laia Rios: Sex Raider – The Lust Idol by Riley Rose

Content Warning: Adult Scenes 18+ Only

My name is Laia Rios. Well, officially it’s Laia Elena Rios Rodriguez. You get lots of names when you’re Argentinian. But you can just call me Laia. I’m an adventurer and relic hunter. Yup, it’s pretty awesome, traveling the world and getting to explore ancient temples, ruined castles, and creepy crypts. But there’s a downside to all that too. Which is I often get myself in way over my head. Like right now, for instance, I happen to be running for my life.

The frantic running was happening just north of the small town of Calçoene in Amapá, Brazil. That’s in the Amazon Jungle basin, so at least it will be really picturesque if I die here. I had just found an amazing relic in the Parque Arqueológico do Solstício – oh that’s where there’s a really cool megalithic stone circle that most people call the Amazon Stonehenge. Archaeologists still aren’t totally sure what it was used for, but the most prevalent theory is that a sophisticated indigenous culture used it as an astronomical observatory. Pretty cool, right?

I managed to figure out when the sun is at a specific angle, it shines through a hole in one of the stones and pointed the spot to buried artifacts. Of course, I had to be there on this exact date and this exact time for it to work. So maybe I was a little lucky. But all good artifact hunting is part research, part luck. Oh, and a lot of running.

I was being chased by a bunch of treasure hunters. Shitheads who are just out for profit. If they got their hands on this tablet, they’d just sell it to the highest private bidder. I, on the other hand, was going to bring it to one of the many museums I work with. The tablet I found buried near the stones had some kind of ancient writing on it, but not one I had seen before, and trust me I’ve seen a lot of them. If this was the language of the unknown indigenous people, it was a tremendous find and would need to be studied by the top linguists and archaeologists in the world. Not sold to some greedy collector.

As I hurtled through the jungle, I heard a bunch of curses in different languages behind me. I was fluent in almost a dozen languages and had passable knowledge of many others, so I picked up most of the rude remarks. I ignored them and picked up the pace, my athletic legs sprinting as fast as possible.

Something whizzed by my ear. Great. Now they were shooting at me. Okay that was it.

I rolled along the ground, dodging more bullets, and tossed a smoke bomb at their feet. Black clouds surrounded them. They coughed and staggered around blindly.

When the closest one stumbled out of the smoke, I emerged like a shadow from the trees. I brought my knee up hard to his abdomen, knocking the wind out of him, then followed with an elbow to the back of his neck, sending him face first into the ground.

I plucked a pair of throwing knives out of my belt and tossed them into the hands of another two hunters. They yelled in pain and dropped their guns. I was on them in an instant, dropping one with a spinning sweep kick and the other with a reverse roundhouse kick. I had studied Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Jujitsu, and it was great getting to use my martial arts training to give these fuckers a beatdown.

I leapt onto a branch and swung forward, kicking two more goons in the face. The last one leveled his gun at me. I dove into a denser part of the jungle, his bullets tearing chunks out of the trees.

I ripped through the lush foliage, getting hit in the face with branches. I could hear them hot on my heels. I also heard rushing water up ahead. Very loud rushing water.

I emerged from the thick overgrowth and saw the top of a waterfall. I had a second to decide what to do. Yup, I was diving off it. The ancient tablet was in a water-tight pouch in my satchel, so I knew it would be fine. Whether I’d be fine was another matter. But believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time I had jumped off a waterfall while being pursued by bad guys.

I glanced behind me and saw them come out of the jungle. Their eyes went wide as they saw what I was about to do. I leapt off the top into a swan dive. Hey, if you’re going to do something crazy, might as well do it in style. Bullets flew past me as I plummeted. And plummeted. Holy shit, this waterfall was way higher than I thought.

I let out a scream and then remembered to take a breath right before I hit the water. I pierced the crystal blue surface and frog-kicked underneath it, away from the roaring water.

I emerged and looked behind me. I could just make out my pursuers on top of the waterfall. There was no way they were going to jump. And there wasn’t any other way down. It would take them hours to backtrack and make their way here. Suck it you treasure trolls!

I swam to the shore and hauled myself out. I checked on the stone tablet. It made it in one piece and was totally dry inside its bag. I couldn’t say the same for me. I was soaking wet.

I yanked my blue tank top over my head, my ample, perky tits bouncing as they were exposed. I shimmied out of my tan shorts and black panties, revealing an incredibly shapely ass and the rest of my athletic and curvy 25 year-old body.

I laid my clothes out to dry on the bank and stretched out naked on the grass, soaking in the warmth of the Brazilian sun. I let my long, dark brown hair lay out to the side, so it would dry more quickly. I could relax for a bit and still be out of here long before those idiots ever made it down here. And okay, secret sharing time. I loved sunbathing nude. The warmth felt great but also the thought that anyone could walk up and see me gave me a thrill. I mean I was kind of off the beaten path, but still.

I gazed down my body. Droplets of water glistened off my breasts, stomach, and thighs. I imagined a water nymph emerging from the lake and pleasuring me like only a goddess could. Okay, so another secret, I like to think up fun sexual fantasies. A lot.

This one was really turning me on. My one hand squeezed my left breast and nipple while the other traveled down my smooth stomach. It found my pussy, which was already wet, and not just from the waterfall. I rubbed my lips, uttering a soft moan. I could feel myself getting wetter and slipped one finger inside, probing all the most sensitive parts of my pussy.

I really wanted to slide in another finger, but I pretended the water nymph was teasing me, working me up and making me beg for it. I fucked myself harder with my finger as I played with my nipples. God, I needed that second finger so bad.

“Oh yes! Fuck me you water goddess! Make me cum for you!” I cried out. So, um, yeah I like to really get into these fantasies. Fuck, I guess I’m just going to reveal all my slutty secrets today.

I slipped the second finger inside, and my hips bucked from how good it felt. I moaned loudly as I plunged my fingers into my soaked pussy. I went harder and harder. Feeling my orgasm building. Ohhh, it was going to feel so good when the water nymph forced me to cum.

I was almost there when I heard someone clear their throat. I sat up, yanking my fingers out of my pussy, and saw a gorgeous young woman staring at me.

She waved awkwardly. “Um, hello.”

I waved and realized I was using the hand coated in my pussy juices. I flung it down quickly, embarrassed.

“What… Who… How long have you been standing there?”

“I’m Gabriela. I like to come here on walks and look at the waterfall. I find it very peaceful. And, um, I’ve been here for all your hot sex with your pretend water nymph.”

I put my hands over my face and fell back onto the grass, groaning. How did I get myself into these mortifying situations?

I peeked between my fingers. She was still there. She was only a couple of years younger than me and was speaking in Portuguese. I wasn’t as fluent in it as some languages, but my Portuguese was pretty passable.

“Well, when you saw me, you know, couldn’t you have left?”

She gazed over the length of my body. “No.”

I would have blushed if my face wasn’t already super-red.

She bit her lip, which made her look even cuter. “I’m really sorry. I know I shouldn’t have stayed but… you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

I took my hands away from my face. I could see she really meant it. She was actually quite sweet. And really pretty. And I was still really horny.

“Okay Gabriela, I’m Laia, and I would really like to have sex with you. So do you mind stripping and getting between my legs?”

“Oh I would love to!”

What the readers are saying!

“If you’re like me and watched Angelina Jolie play Lara Croft but said to yourself “this is really good but I sure wish there was some hot lesbian sex, DON’T HESITATE GETTING THIS BOOK!!”- Amazon Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Riley Rose loves writing fun and adventurous erotic fiction set in the action, sci-fi, and fantasy genres, focusing on stories with heart, humor, and characters who keep losing their clothes. 

Riley is working on a shared universe of erotica, the Decadent Fantasy Universe, where characters from different series and stories will crossover with each other. Blending action, humor, and sexy shenanigans, Riley brings a unique blend of sweet and sexy stories featuring fun-loving characters, whose adventures you’ll hopefully want to follow for a long time.

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