Lesbian Books | 14 Medical Romances To Raise Your Heart Rate

Why do we love medical romances so much? Is it the tension of the high-pace work environment? The god-like, life-in-their-hands doctors? Or is it seeing strong, intelligent women who can still be fools when it comes to love? Whatever it is, there is no denying how much these sapphic medical romances get our heart rates going!

I’ve compiled a list of fourteen medical romances, and that includes some BoxSets, so there should be more than enough reading here to tickle that itch.

There are plenty of career-focused women too busy for love, opposites attract romances and enemies to lovers journeys fraught with difficulty. Whatever you love about the medical drama and happy-ever-after romance, it is here:

1. Major Surgery by Lola Keeley

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In Lola Keely’s smart and sexy medical romance with a dash of mystery, we meet Veronica Mallick, a brilliant surgeon, who runs a proudly efficient department at St. Sophia’s hospital, London.

Then Veronica’s perfect world is threatened when the new Head of Trauma arrives.

Army surgeon Cassie Taylor is used to serving on the front lines and has no time for walking on eggshells around the uptight Veronica.

But when Cassie becomes embroiled in some shady financial dealings, a shared hunt for the truth brings the pair together and sparks fly.

Will they learn to see eye-to-eye in the search for justice?

And what happens when you fall for someone you don’t even like?

Find out in this enemies-to-lovers lesbian romance. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

2. All of Me by Emily Smith

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In Emily Smith’s 2018 medical romance, we follow the career-driven Galen Burgess, an aloof doctor who likes her women best when she keeps them at arm’s length. She knows that getting close enough to care is a recipe for disaster.

Enter Rowan Duncan. Galen’s latest medical intern is sweet, naïve, and disconcertingly beautiful. It isn’t long before the aloof Galen’s carefully managed life crumbles, and Rowan begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself.

Will Galen be willing to put her heart on the line?

Will Rowan have the courage to take it?

Find out in this boss & subordinate, toaster oven romance. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

3. Her Remedy (Her Refusal & Her Remedy: Medical Romances Book 1) by Rose Marini

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In the first book of Rose Marini’s Her Refusal & Her Remedy Series, we meet career-driven Allison Williams on her relentless quest to become an Emergency Medicine Physician.

However, even the best-laid plans can go awry, and Allison’s first stumbling block is the arrival of her college chemistry tutor, and the object of her first unrequited love, Emma Simmons.

Emma Simmons is shocked but delighted to have Allison back in her life after three years. She just hopes she can keep the doubts and questions she had about Allison from rearing their heads again.

Addicts, crime sprees, and their own flaws threaten to keep the two apart for a second time.

Will the pair overcome their fear and pride, or will they break each other’s hearts?

Find out in this second-chance medical romance. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

4. The Fifth Surgeon by Faith Prize

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In Faith Prize’s debut one-night-to-forever romance, we meet the uncompromising Nadia Keating as she embarks on her cardiothoracic fellowship training.

Nadia has just one problem: she is deeply closeted and needs to overcome her attraction to women before she kicks off her training.

Her foolproof plan is to pick up a stranger for a one-night stand and get her inconvenient sexuality out of her system in one go.

Her prey is Ashley Ryan, sweet, happy-go-lucky and, unbeknownst to either of them, Nadia’s new boss.

From lovers for the night to enemies by day, the pair’s warring egos create a fraught relationship. But their chemistry is undeniable.

Maybe they should sleep together just one more time to help them get over their distraction.

After all, what could go wrong?

Fine out in this lesbian medical romance about the powerful breakthroughs we can’t always see. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

5. Forest Vale Medical: Books 1-4 by Emily Hayes

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From breaking the sacred doctor-patient rules to the sizzling age gaps, and enemies to lovers romance, Emily Hayes’ Forest Vale Hospital series has it all.

Dr Katherine Ross meets a younger woman on a dating app. When she finds out who the woman is, it is the beginning of an intense forbidden romance.

No one ever dares challenge Dr Hollis Roman. At least until she meets Ava Rodriguez, an outspoken paramedic who questions her every decision. Sparks fly when the women clash. How long can they deny their chemistry?

Eve Foster has just broken up with her girlfriend and is about to spend Christmas alone. But the new medical receptionist, Clair has caught her eye. Just one problem; Clair is straight. Isn’t she?

Dr Lillian Foster would never cross the line and sleep with a patient. At least that’s what she’s always believed. But when she meets her enigmatic and sexy new patient, she’s not sure if she can resist.

The Forest Vale Hospital series is full of light-hearted steamy romances, all with a happy ending. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

6. Hearts in Motion by Miranda MacLeod

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In Miranda MacLeod’s returning-home romance, we meet After tragedy strikes, 41-year-old Hadley Moore has always put her career first, but after her sister and brother-in-law die suddenly, she realises it’s time to put family first and decides to take on the child her sister left behind.

Tyne Briggs was saved from a hostile foster home and adores the adoptive family who saved her. But when she loses her brother and his wife in a car accident, she is determined to make sure her little nephew has the happy childhood she was denied.

The two aunts are at loggerheads over the future of the young orphan.

Can they find a compromise and build a family?

Or will a lengthy custody battle tear them all apart?

Find out in this heartfelt story of grief and found families. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

7. Tricky Wisdom: Year I (The Tricky Series Book 1) by Camryn Eyde

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In the first of Camryn Eyde’s witty, coming of age romances, we meet the young and naïve Darcy.

She knew going to Harvard medical school would be difficult, but not as difficult as living with her new roommate, the perfectionist Olivia. The two young women are polar opposites and are both far more interested in other women than each other.

When Darcy hatches a mad scheme to win the love of her childhood crush, she should have known better than to expect everything to go the way she planned.

But along the way, she learns that perhaps her childhood crush is not the woman she is in love with.

But does Olivia feel the same way?

Or is this another case of unrequited love?

Find out in this hilarious, romantic comedy. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

8. I Belong with Her by Domina Alexandra

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In Domina Alexandra’s 2018 first responder lesbian romance, we meet the Paramedic Tajel Pierce. Tajel loves her job more than anything or anyone and has no interest in letting a relationship get in the way.

Enter Arianna Castaldi, newly transferred to a different area, Arianna wants to start her new job without any distractions. Just one problem; she is partnered with a woman she shared a one-night stand with.

Both women want to put the past behind them and their careers first. They just have to make sure they keep their relationship strictly business.

But, in the stress and intensity of working through 911 calls, can the pair deny their feelings forever?

Find out in this intense medical romance. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

9. Fated Love (A PMC Hospital Romance Book 1) by Radclyffe

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Surgeon Quinn Maguire is dashing, young, and far too over-qualified to accept her new role as an ER Physician.

Honor Blake, her new boss, suspects foul play. Why else would the young doctor have taken the position?

The last thing Honor expects is to be attracted to the young surgeon she hares an uneasy truce with. Especially as she is still in love with her wife.

In the stress and excitement of the emergency room, the two women must contend with suspicions, secrets, and the fragility of life.

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10. Falling Hard by Jae

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A womanizing surgeon falls hard for a single mom in this lesbian medical romance.

In Jae’s 2017 medical romance, we meet Dr Jordan Williams. Devoted to her patients in the operating room, Jordan is only willing to commit a few hours to each latest conquest in the bedroom.

When single mom Emma Larson moves in next door to Jordan after a bitter divorce, she can’t deny her attraction to the intriguing surgeon.

When an injury leaves Jordan helpless, Emma decides to support her while she recovers, and a bond begins to develop.

Can Jordan overcome her commitment issues?

Will Emma learn to trust again?

Find out in this slow-burn lesbian romance. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

11. Hot Response: A Lesbian Medical Romance Novel (City General: Medic 1) by Ruby Scott

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In the first of Ruby Scott’s City General: Medic 1 series

When experienced Paramedic and soccer coach, Chrissie, is thrown together with much younger Sam, a twenty-four-year-old talented player and EMT, both at work and on the pitch, sparks fly!

Unable to escape each other what will it really take to get a winning combination in this slow burn, age gap, lesbian medical romance?

Sam thinks her soccer coach is a hard ass but then she finds that she will be her supervisor at work too. Thrown together they have to confront their own shortcomings in this steamy medical romance.

Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

12. Thursday Afternoons by Tracey Richardson

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In Tracey Richardson’s steamy romance, we meet busy surgeon Amy Spencer. She has no time for a relationship and is happy with her regular Thursday hook-up with Ellis.

Ellis Hall works a cutthroat job and has made more than a few mistakes in her life. She needs their no-strings weekly meetup to escape from herself and her past.

But the carefully constructed walls around Thursdays are about to come crashing down around Ellis and Amy’s heads when the pair discover that their anonymous hook-up is actually with a professional rival.

Can the forbidden Thursdays continue?

Or might they turn into something more?

Find out in this steamy workplace romance.

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13. Lakeside Hospital: The Complete Lesbian Medical Romance Series by Cara Malone

Cara Malone’s five-book medical romance series follows the lives and loves of the staff at Lakeside Hospital.

Each part is a standalone romance, with many crossover characters, and along the way, we meet grieving paramedic, Alex, who falls for the Medical Student, Megan who seems to be hiding issues of her own.

Book Two is an opposites-attract romance, following career-driven Ivy, and the friendly and funny Chloe, who share an unexpected kiss. Could it bloom into more?

Trauma Doctor Krys Stevens falls hard for the ex-combat medic Darcy in Love Trauma. In Labor of Love, pregnant Lily wonders if her fling with the new hotshot doctor, Mercedes, can turn into something more. And when Sarah falls (literally) into the arms of her long-time crush, Veronica in Mouth to Mouth, she wonders if this could be the start of something wonderful.

The thoroughly binge-able Lakeside Hospital series is free on Kindle Unlimited. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

14. Breakthrough by Terri Cutshall

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Terri Cutshall takes romantic chemistry to new heights in this romance that follows a medical researcher looking for a cancer cure.

Genetics researcher Alexandria Bennett is capable and confident with everything but matters of the heart. When she meets Pharmacist Consultant Madison Thornton, the attraction is undeniable.

But Alex has been hurt before, and she isn’t willing to let her critical work take a back seat. But then everything flips upside down when her work is put under threat. Will Alex be brave enough to save the women in her life and let love in?

Find out in this romantic medical thriller. Available on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

I really hope you liked this list of medical romances! If you did, I have a few more awesome book lists youll be interested in:

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