Lesbian Books 2021 | 14 New Releases You Probably Missed

Lesbian fiction used to be a tiny niche with maybe one LGBT book outlet in a city, and even that was progress from the time sapphic storylines could only be subtext or the authors would risk their books being banned (which is still the case in some countries even today).

Now we have so many queer books getting published of all shapes and sizes, all genres, and from every corner of our culture, with even the big publishing houses launching major bestsellers with LGBTQ+ main characters.

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So it’s no surprise that you have probably missed some amazing new releases from indie authors who absolutely deserve your attention. We’ve got historical fiction, contemporary romance, and even some super steamy releases for you to take a look at.

1. Prophecy’s Eyes by Ariel Dalziel

Prophecy’s Eyes is an LGBT Historical Fantasy that was released on 25th December 2020 and is part of the Hidden Gods series. Others in this 3 short story series include Beneath The Faerie Tree, Forgotten Gods and Dragon’s Surrender.

In 60 CE, Roman governor of Britain, Suetonius Paulinus, laid waste to the Isle of Mona, headquarters of the Druidic order. What Governor Paulinus did not know is that the Druids guarded an older secret, a power to be preserved at all costs.

As the Romans close in on the Druid Circle, Yseult must find and bring the Chosen Ones to save the sacred tree whose destruction would bring about a magical apocalypse. But will Yseult be able to dodge Roman patrols and her own heart’s yearnings to bring the chosen ones to Mona in time?

2. The Night Belongs To Us by Katie Brown

Released on January 16 2021, Katie Browns debut YA Novel The Night Belongs To Us is a romance about two teenage girls who live in beautiful Dublin and features Trinity College which Brown is currently studying at herself. Read on to find out more about this YA 90s romance.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to Alex Ryan when she finds herself falling head over heels for Connie O’Reilly. How could she not? There isn’t a person alive who wouldn’t be drawn to the irresistibly beautiful and charming Connie. It seems impossible she could reciprocate — not when Alex is so awkward, so timid, so very much a girl — until what starts as a sweet friendship blossoms into something so much more than Alex could have dreamed of.

3. The One to Hold Your Hand by Erica Lee

Erica Lee finished writing her first book, Dear Santa: I’m Gay, in December 2016. Since then, she has published a total of fifteen books, The One to Hold Your Hand was published on January 23, 2021.

Find out if friends can turn into lovers in this romance that is sure to make you laugh, cry and fall in love with Reese and Bette’s relationship.

Reese James’ life was never easy. Trying to stay upbeat and positive while her twin sister battled cancer took its toll on her. The one thing getting her through was her relationship with her lifelong best friend Bette Mitchell. Unfortunately, constantly blurring the lines between friendship and something more was destined to blow up at some point, and that’s exactly what happened when Reese hit her rock bottom.

4. The Bright Side by Lucy Bexley

The Bright Side: A Flippin’ Fantastic Romance’ by Lucy Bexley, is the final novella in a trio of romances by authors Bryce Oakley, Stephanie Shea and Lucy Bexley. Each novella explores romance and friendship and can be read as standalone stories, “but just like with friends, they’re better when they’re together,” says Lucy.

Astrid is working the door at Revel, a Denver lesbian bar, when she meets Darby.

Darby, who wears mittens and pink heart sunglasses and offers to help her, a total stranger, move apartments on New Year’s Day.

Can Darby convince Astrid that people make a place a home?

Or will Astrid leave Denver in search of greener grass before she gets the chance?

5. Scarlet by Niamh Murphy (That’s Me!)

Released on February 26th, Scarlet is the second book in the Robyn Hood Adventures series and follows our heroine as she makes a few new friends, and a few new enemies!

Robyn Hood and her loyal friend Littlejohn want nothing more than to stay one step ahead of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men. But when they offer their help to a Holy Sister in need, they soon discover not all is as it seems.

Now they have both the Sheriff of Nottingham on their tail and the self-serving Bishop of Hereford too.

Will they aid a fellow thief? Or save their own necks, keep the gold for themselves, and leave the fugitive, sword-wielding rogue for the gallows?

6. Hot For Teacher by Emersyn Grey

Published in February this year, Hot For Teacher is the debut novel of lesfic author Emersyn Grey.

Riley Stephens is taken on an unexpected outing that will change her life forever. What will she do when she meets a beautiful blonde who reappears in the least likely of places?

Lakin Hart loves the power her job gives her, and she’s not looking for a change. But what will happen when her path crosses that of a lonely professor?

Will Riley and Lakin be willing to explore worlds outside their comfort zones in search of what they’ve both been missing most?

7. A Matter of Trust-A Carlsbad Village Lesbian Romance by Sabrina Kane

A Matter of Trust was released on March 31st 2021 and is Sabrina Kane’s second book in the Carlsbad Village Lesbian Romance series, which follows the first book Nothing but a Fling.

This story is a passionate romance that features the relationship between Chloë and Morgan and is set in California – the place Kane loves!

What starts off as an innocent friendship between two women ends up becoming a passionate and soul-fulfilling love affair, the kind each woman has been looking for.

8. Diving Into the Turn by Carrie L. Carr

Texas born Carrie L. Carr released her latest romance novel, Diving Into the Turn on 9th April 2021. Having lived in the ‘Great State’ her whole life, Carrie’s backlog of stories are based in Texas and all inspired by her life experiences there. Diving Into the Turn is absolutely no exception, starring Shelby who resides on a small rodeo and finds romance at the rodeo grounds.

Sparks fly when Shelby literally runs into Rebecca at the rodeo grounds. Rebecca’s kindness draws Shelby to her, while Rebecca is fascinated by the sullen bull rider. Their time together causes Rebecca to recognize certain truths about herself.

Against a backdrop of mysterious accidents at the rodeo, will Rebecca back away when Shelby is considered the prime suspect? Or will she stand strong and save the stubborn bull rider from mob justice.

9. A Perfect Mess by Sienna Waters

A Perfect Mess by Sienna Waters was a newly released stand-alone lesbian romance that was published on 15th April 2021. You may already be familiar with Waters from her bestselling romance novels The Wrong Date and the Oakview series.

Bree’s charmed life has fallen apart around her ears. And things in Briar’s Glen aren’t looking too great. A teenager has gone missing, and now Bree’s boss has disappeared too. Then a sexy stranger walks through the door of the shop.

A stranger that might not be a stranger at all.

They say that you can’t go home again. But what if they’re wrong?

10. Wicked Fem by Edie Marr

Brighton-based author Edie Marr published her debut novel, Wicked Fem in April.

A heart-stopping, star-crossed romance set in Brighton, the UK’s queer city by the sea, that swoops from cocktail bars to bus-stop encounters to fateful meetings in supermarket aisles – as love is found and lost and found again.

Pix is a kinky butch, Lois is a dominatrix. Pix has never had a BDSM relationship before, although she always wanted to. Lois has never had a relationship with a woman before, although she always wanted to.

No harm in experimenting, right?

You can read an excerpt of the novel here.

11. Prize Money by Celeste Castro

Prize Money was published 11th May 2021, by American Mexican author Celeste Castro. The plot of the story is a contemporary lesbian sports romance set on the professional rodeo circuit. You may already be familiar with Celeste’s writing credits, having previously released stories including Homecoming and The Taking (Bella Books) among many others.

Eva Angeles is a professional barrel racer headed for her third world title when a competition mishap throws her in the path of an on-the-loose bull. She is saved from impending disaster by a tall, dark, and handsome bullfighter—a woman.

Toma Rozene is an equestrian stuntwoman fresh off the set of a blockbuster film when a family emergency calls her home to help run the family business: rescuing fallen rodeo riders before blustering bulls and bucking broncos trample their dreams.

Eva and Toma’s shared passions and competitive spirits make friendship easy, but, as their feelings deepen, they must decide if the divergent futures they seek will stand in the way of love.

12. Worthy of Love by Quinn Ivins

Quinn Ivins has been addicted to romance since she was a teenager when she stayed up on school nights to read more X-Files fanfiction. She describes her books as “lesbian romance novels about strict older ladies who get comforted by idealistic younger women with luscious hair.” Worthy of Love is her second novel, and was released on May 3rd this year.

Nadine’s out of prison, broke, hated by millions, and stuck doing a menial retail job in rural Virginia where she barely earns enough to survive.

Bella Clarke has worked at Overstock Oasis since she flunked college. She wants to go back to school, but secretly doubts she’s smart enough.

Nadine seems to be nothing like the crook portrayed in the media, and Bella is drawn to her troubled, standoffish co-worker. Is Bella really falling for a woman who caused so much harm? And even if she is, how can two such different people ever be a match?

13. The Other Side: Secrets by O’Jay Barr

O’Jay writes stories that ‘spark stimulating conversations about relationships in the LGBTQ+ Community’ and the bar has been set high with the original release of this book having countless 5 star reviews on Amazon. Now fans can get more from The Other Side, with this re-release published on June 1st with updates and additional chapters at the end!

Samantha had a great but ordinary life, not complex at all. She had a good job, amazing friends and family plus a boyfriend that most women prayed for. She knew exactly what she wanted. That was until she started having dreams and feelings about someone that wasn’t her boyfriend or in fact a boy at all. With the support of her twin sister, Jo, she explores her feelings and turns everybody’s life upside down. Will her selfish secrets ruin the relationships of everyone around her? Come along for the ride with Samantha and her journey to The Other Side.

14. The Turkey Baster Diaries by Elizabeth James

English writer Elizabeth James released her brand new humorous story on June 1st. The Turkey Baster Diaries is an honest and humorous portrayal of LGBT parenting.

Will Lizzie and Anna be fairly treated? Will they become parents? Will it cost them their relationship? What they try isn’t for the faint hearted!

This book is for anyone who has ever thought about having children and outlines the trials and tribulations people go through in order to fulfil a dream of parenthood.

“In a literary world with so little attention to LGBT parenting, this tale is funny, profound and full of human honesty. You will laugh and shed a tear. Recommended wholeheartedly.” Mark Dowd, author Queer and Catholic

Which of these awesome new releases did you know about already? Which ones have you already read?

If you know of any awesome new wlw book out this year that you think needs a bit of extra attention, then go ahead and drop a link in the comments!

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