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Lesfic Book Profile | Mask of the Highwaywoman: A Historical Lesbian Romance

Today we are talking Mask of the Highwaywoman.

This is Niamh’s Historial Lesbian Romance filled with rollicking adventures, sapphic Romance and LOTS of action. The lighthearted adventure and gripping tale is the perfect story to whisk you away into a fictional plot and give you a sense of escapism. Teaming historical narrative with fun and adventure, get ready to be entertained!

About Mask of the Highwaywoman:


Be careful who you fall in love with…

Evelyn Thackeray is in trouble.

She has no money. She is late to her own wedding. And she may just have fallen for the mysterious Highwaywoman who held up her carriage and robbed everyone on board! These are not the type of difficult circumstances one can admit to in polite society.

When Evelyn is offered the chance to go back to safety and marry the boring man her father has chosen or throw caution to the wind and run off with a beautiful but dangerous criminal, she has no idea that the outcome might already have been decided for her… 

What starts out as a light-hearted battle of wits soon becomes a desperate quest for survival. 

Do you want to learn even MORE about Mask of the Highwaywoman? Well for the rest of August, exclusive content including my favourite quotes, character profiles and behind the scenes secrets will be featured on Niamh’s Instagram @authorniamh.

Start your adventure by reading a sample right here.

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