LGBTQIA+ New Release: Prize Money by Celeste Castro

Prize Money is a brand new release, published yesterday, the 11th May 2021, by American Mexican author Celeste Castro. The plot of the story is a contemporary lesbian sports romance set on the professional rodeo circuit. You may already be familiar with Celeste’s writing credits, having previously released stories including Homecoming and The Taking (Bella Books) among many others.

“I wanted to tell a story where anyone can see themselves shining underneath the stadium lights and being the stars of their own stories. I hope that you see yourself there too.” – Celeste via her Instagram on release day.

Read on to find out more about this new LGBTQIA+ book release.

Prize Money is a new LGBTQIA+ contemporary sports romance by Celeste Castro, set on the professional rodeo circuit. Read this article by @authorniamh to learn more. Click To Tweet


Eva Angeles is a professional barrel racer headed for her third world title when a competition mishap throws her in the path of an on-the-loose bull. She is saved from impending disaster by a tall, dark, and handsome bullfighter—a woman. Toma Rozene is an equestrian stuntwoman fresh off the set of a blockbuster film when a family emergency calls her home to help run the family business: rescuing fallen rodeo riders before blustering bulls and bucking broncos trample their dreams. Eva and Toma’s shared passions and competitive spirits make friendship easy, but, as their feelings deepen, they must decide if the divergent futures they seek will stand in the way of love.

Author Bio

Celeste Castro, she/her, is an American Mexican, Own Voices author from small-town, rural Idaho, where most of her stories take place. She grew up with learning disabilities, though she always kept a journal. In addition to fiction, she is a staff writer with Hispanecdotes, an online magazine for Latinx writers, where she publishes essays and poetry.

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Congratulations to Celeste for her new release. Prize Money is out now and can be purchased on Celeste’s website from a variety of online retailers in both Kindle and Paperback formats.

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