LGBTQIA+ New Release: Prophecy’s Eyes by Ariel Dalziel

Prophecy’s Eyes by Ariel Dalziel is our first new release feature of 2021! This is where we put a spotlight on new releases that you just need to put on your to-read list, that feature LGBTQIA+ storylines and f/f characters.

Prophecy’s Eyes is an LGBT Historical Fantasy that was released on 25th December 2020 and is part of the Hidden Gods series. Others in this 3 short story series include Beneath The Faerie Tree, Forgotten Gods and Dragon’s Surrender.

Prophecy's Eyes by Ariel Dalziel is our first new release feature of 2021! Learn more about this LGBT Historical Fantasy here! Click To Tweet


In 60 CE, Roman governor of Britain, Suetonius Paulinus, marched the majority of the legionary force stationed in that province to the Isle of Mona, headquarters of the Druidic order since time immemorial. Once there, he laid waste everything on the island, cut down the sacred groves and burned the virgin forest to the ground. With scarce time for anyone to celebrate the dissolution of thousands of years of tradition, he received word of the Iceni revolt in East Britain, centered around Queen Boudica. The island was abandoned a smoking ruin and only garrisoned years later by a different Roman force.

This is history. What Governor Paulinus did not know is that the Druids guarded an older secret, a power to be preserved at all costs. Ea, the Worlds Tree. That the Romans would destroy the Sacred Isle was fated. But the Druids knew through the prophecy of the Wren that they must do anything to preserve Ea’s power. Even resorting to human sacrifice. The question becomes, did they succeed?

As the Romans close in on the Druid Circle, Yseult must find and bring the Chosen Ones to save Ea, the sacred tree whose destruction would bring about a magical apocalypse. But will Yseult be able to dodge Roman patrols and her own heart’s yearnings to bring the chosen ones to Mona in time?

Yseult is the Wren’s apprentice, sent out to find candidates for the sacrifice. Dunham and Evelyn offer her hospitality as she passes through their hunting grounds. Can they be the fated two who might embody the mysterious power of the Tree? She must find out. But her method of testing is not as…conventional as her mentor may have expected. Faster, fortunately, as they’re running out of time to make it to the sacred island.


Author Bio

Ariel Dalziel lives with her wife and four fur babies, in lovely Denver, Colorado. An almost-native of the state, she has a BA in English Literature from CU Boulder and works for an Educational Technology company. From a family full of teachers, Ariel was exposed to history, a love of the written word, and various nerddoms like Star Trek, LotR, and Star Wars. At a young age, she listened to iconic works by Isaac Asimov, C.S. Lewis and Edgar Rice Borroughs, read by her father. Inspired by a lifetime of reading books, she has been writing stories almost as long. Now in her spare time, she watches Netflix, supports the poly/kinky/queer community, and plays video games. Working from home and writing feverishly, Ariel has previously published “Bluebeard’s Ghost” with Circlet Press and three stories in the Hidden Gods series with ForbiddenFiction: Beneath The Faerie Tree, Forgotten Gods, and Dragon’s Surrender. The novel which is the origin point of the series is published through Kindle Direct Publishing: Prophecy’s Eyes.

You can find out more about Ariel on her website and Facebook page.

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