LGBTQIA+ New Release: The Night Belongs To Us by Katie Brown

Today we are celebrating the release day of Katie Browns debut YA Novel The Night Belongs To Us. This story is a LGBT romance about two teenage girls who live in beautiful Dublin and features Trinity College which Brown is currently studying at herself. Read on to find out more about this YA 90s romance.

A brand new LGBT YA romance novel about two teenage girls living in Dublin in the 1990s. Click here to find out more! Click To Tweet


It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to Alex Ryan when she finds herself falling head over heels for Connie O’Reilly. How could she not? There isn’t a person alive who wouldn’t be drawn to the irresistibly beautiful and charming Connie. It seems impossible that she could reciprocate–not when Alex is so awkward, so timid, so very much a girl– until what starts as a sweet friendship blossoms into something so much more than Alex could have dreamed of.

Alex knows that what they have is a momentary thing, not enough to be called forever. Connie’s the most popular girl in the school, wealthy and admired. She’s going to go to Trinity, maybe marry a lawyer. She’s going to have everything Alex could never give her. She isn’t stupid, after all. Status and reputation might mean nothing to her but to Connie they are everything. The only out-lesbian they know is ridiculed by everyone she meets, and it’ll be a cold day in Hell before Connie lets that be her.

But when rumors spark and new faces enter the picture, they’re both set to discover that while it may be easy to walk away, it’s a lot harder to move on.


Author Bio

Katie is a postgraduate research student in the field of Biblical studies. She lives in Dublin with her family and attends Trinity College Dublin, where she also received her BA in 2019. Katie also works in Glasnevin Cemetery Museum as a tour guide, and has a keen appreciation of modern Irish history. She began her debut novel during the COVID-19 lockdown in Ireland after sharing a sample of her writing with two friends who bullied her into finishing it. When she isn’t using her writing as an excuse to procrastinate on her PhD work, she can usually be found taking a nap. Her favorite book is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and her favorite movie is Shrek 2, though nobody actually takes that seriously.

Want to find out more about Katie? Then check out her website here. You can also find Katie on Instagram!

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