LGBTQIA+ New Release: The One to Hold Your Hand by Erica Lee

The One to Hold Your Hand is a brand new wlw romance by Author of lesbian novels, Erica Lee. Find out if friends can turn into lovers in this romance that is sure to make you laugh, cry and fall in love with Reese and Bette’s relationship.

Is Reese and Bette's history enough to lead them into a future together or is there too much heartbreak between them to move forward? Find out in The One to Hold your Hand, a new wlw romance by @EricaLeeAuthor Click To Tweet


Reese James’ life was never easy. Trying to stay upbeat and positive while her twin sister battled cancer took its toll on her. The one thing getting her through was her relationship with her lifelong best friend Bette Mitchell. Unfortunately, constantly blurring the lines between friendship and something more was destined to blow up at some point, and that’s exactly what happened when Reese hit her rock bottom.

After losing her father, Bette Mitchell didn’t know how she would ever feel okay again. The thing she did know was there was one person who understood exactly how it felt to lose someone close to her. The problem was she and Reese had barely spoken after Bette broke her heart three years earlier.

But now Reese is back in town for the funeral and willing to do anything to help Bette smile again. Well, almost anything. She can’t let go of what happened the night everything fell apart between them.

A look back on Reese and Bette’s relationship through the years shows what brought them to the point they are at today. Is their history enough to lead them into a future together or is there too much heartbreak between them to move forward?


Author Bio

Erica Lee finished writing her first book, Dear Santa: I’m Gay, in December 2016. Since then, she has published a total of fifteen books.

Erica currently lives in Pennsylvania with her wife, son, dog, chinchilla, and bunny. She spends her days working as an optometrist and her nights snuggled up on the couch with her little family, binging on netflix or youtube.

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