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It’s business as usual for Kenzie in her boudoir studio. Every day, fascinating people of all genders stroll through and Kenzie has the privilege of making them shine. She’s photographed the gamut: sultry brides-to-be seeking a naughty gift for their spouse, the confidant trans person showing the world their true self, and triads locked in passion, each moment of their tender lovemaking on display.

Kenzie’s been a part of it all, but never has a client captivated her so completely, until she steps through the door.

Ripley never recuperated from the relationship that irrevocably changed her. Desperate to forget the past, she moves to the progressive town of Bijou Basin, pursuing a fresh start. While acquainting herself with her new life, she notices an advertisement for an erotic nude photographer. On a whim, she books a session, hoping the experience will help her reclaim her identity.

Sparks fly for both women, but Ripley discovers there’s more to Kenzie than meets the eye. Can Ripley accept Kenzie as she is and does she want to date someone so complicated? Can Kenzie prove she’s worth it?

Authors Note: This slow burn erotic romance features adult themes and language. Themes include: graphic sex, BDSM, Polyamory & LGBTQ+ Characters.

Natural Exposure by Koriana Brackson

Rays of bright Florida sunshine streak through the opening doorway. A beam reflects off a vehicle and scorching air rushes into the cool office. The light blinds my eyes and I avert them until both the glare, and suffocating heat, recedes. My new client stands inside the threshold and removes a pair of sunglasses, revealing eyes of a striking green. For a prolonged moment, I stare as she peers around the room before remembering myself when her attention turns my way.
As a photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful people, mainly because of my specialty. While I offer a range of photo sessions including, but not limited to, people, animals, and products — my expertise is in boudoir, erotic, and artistic nudes. The woman nearly sends my jaw to the floor; she’s magnificent. She’s short, no taller than five-three, with a stunning hourglass figure. By society’s standards, some might consider her plump, but in my mind, she has curves in all the perfect places. I unconsciously lick my lips while taking in her features. Dressed casually in shorts and a long buttoned shirt, she has a backpack slung over her shoulder. Long russet-colored hair hangs in a thick braid over the swell of large breasts. It takes effort to drag my eyes from her chest; I adore women with large tits. With a mental shake of my head, I focus on her eyes.
“Welcome to Natural Exposure. Are you Ripley Owens?”
“Yes, I am.”
The timbre of her voice suits her, soft and feminine. I maneuver around the desk and approach with my hand extended. She reaches out a small hand, her grip soft but firm in my larger one. I’m a tall woman and, standing five-ten, tower over her. Our hands remain clasped a beat longer than normal as I smile.
“A pleasure to meet you in person, Ripley. I’m Kenzie.”
With a smile, I release her hand and retreat behind the counter, sliding over a folder as she approaches. I keep a file for each client and print out a summary for the session, so I’m able to refer to their information beforehand, ensuring everything goes as planned. I’ve looked through her details several times today, and now I glance over them once more.
“Is this your first time posing for a nude session?”
Ripley’s face flushes and I smile. It’s adorable, but makes me pause. If the question causes her to blush, how will she handle removing her clothing? I wonder if she’ll change her mind and leave when a hint of a smile quirks the edges of her lips.
“For my enjoyment, yes, but I used to pose for art classes, so I’m familiar with it, but it’s been ages.”
“Good. You understand what the session involves then?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Well, come on back. You’re a few minutes early, so let’s get a drink and go over the details before we get started.”
I grab the folder containing her information and lead the way to an adjacent kitchen. Both the lobby and the kitchen are modest, the rest of the massive building devoted to my studio rooms. The kitchen doesn’t garner much use but remains well-stocked since I spend the majority of my time here. Even when I don’t have clients, I’m at the studio, working on photos or enjoying a variety of activities. In many ways, it’s more of a second home.
Often, I’ll bring new clients in here to the kitchen if they’re nervous. It helps to sit and talk for a while before proceeding, letting them become accustomed to me. Long and narrow, the room boasts typical appliances, cabinets and little else. A door in the far wall opens into a large walk-in pantry that runs the width of the room. Two chairs and a round table sit in the corner near the door we entered.
“Have a seat, Ripley,” I say, gesturing towards the chairs as I move towards the fridge. “What can I get you to drink?”
“Do you have any Mountain Dew?” she asks, as she settles into a chair, placing the backpack at her feet.
“Do I?”
I laugh at the understatement and throw the door open for her to view the contents: a shelf full of Mountain Dew products.
“Original or other?”
“You have Baja Blast.”
“I do.” I pull out one for each of us. “My husband says that Dew runs through my veins and we should have bought stock.”
After I place our drinks on the table, I collect a small square cookie jar, paper plates, and napkins. I carry everything to the table and deposit it in the middle. When she doesn’t comment on the jar, I know it’s probable she isn’t a gamer. That’s all right, not everyone is perfect. After taking a seat, I pull it towards me.
“Do you prefer chocolate chip or snickerdoodles?”
“Snickerdoodles, please.”
I pull two cookies out for each of us, place them on the plates, and push one towards Ripley. She smiles her thanks and takes a dainty nibble. My rumbling stomach reminds me that, once again, I’ve skipped lunch, caught up in my early sessions. I had a late breakfast, but now I’m famished, so I wolf down a cookie and reach for another. Ripley raises an eyebrow, and I grin ruefully.
“Skipped lunch.” We sit in silence for a few minutes as we enjoy the cookies before I speak again. Dabbing my lips with a napkin, I take a sip of my drink before asking, “What brings you here today, Ripley? What are you looking for with the session?”
Ripley booked her appointment online two weeks ago, and in the time since, we’ve spoken on the phone and emailed a couple times as we finalized plans. It’s a brief session for her today. She’s only interested in a handful of backdrops in one room and one set outdoors, which is rare. Typically, clients want a wide variety for their photos, requesting a mixture of poses and environments.
As with many first time clients, she doesn’t grasp the scope of my studio, not yet. When we spoke, she didn’t ask for specifics and requested I use my best judgment on what to do for the limited photos she wanted. Unlike many clients who demand every detail, Ripley asked little, as if the afternoon would be an adventure. In addition to emailing and discussing particulars for the session, she filled out my questionnaire.
The extensive questionnaire encompasses an array of topics, as I enjoy learning about people, be it clients or friends. I’m inquisitive by nature, so while the survey is lengthy, it helps me gather information with efficiency. Topics covered range from likes and dislikes to interests and hobbies. It’s the first indication to new clients that they won’t receive a typical studio experience here. By learning aspects of my clients’ lives, such as favorite movies, books, and foods, I get a snapshot of their personality. When I gain insight into what they hold dear, or what they dislike, I can accommodate them better. It keeps me from using sets that could be unappealing. Patrons who enjoy a simple existence wouldn’t care for elegant backdrops; if they fear water, then I wouldn’t suggest the lake. Details are paramount, and the questionnaire helps me ascertain that knowledge.
I reread Ripley’s answers this morning, highlights printed and filed with the other details in the folder. Although I recall the information, a refresher never hurts. With her interests and preferences in mind, I prepared a single room to utilize today and plan to take her outside if she wants.
Ripley shifts in her chair, fidgeting with her napkin. She diverts her eyes before peering my way, then away again. Nerves? I wonder. My curiosity deepens.
“To be honest, I’m not sure.”
I wait for her to elaborate and when she doesn’t, I question, “Are these for a significant other?”
“Oh no,” she’s quick to reply. “I’m not in a relationship, haven’t been for a while…” voice trailing off, she studies the napkin in her hands before setting it on the table. Hmm, a story there, I muse, wondering what it could be, but I endeavor to quell my insatiable curiosity. “There’s no boyfriend, girlfriend, or other. I’m pansexual.” She says the word in a defiant tone, as if daring me to react negatively. As a boudoir photographer, I hope she’d realize I support all forms of gender. Still, I smile to put her at ease.
“As am I, though, I waffle between using bisexual or pansexual. Either,” I say, shrugging.
Labels annoy me, and I’m not picky concerning them, wishing we didn’t need any, but that’s the way the world turns, so I like what I like, including a wide variety of looks and genders. I’ve dated across the spectrum, gender giving no weight to my attraction of others. For me, personality is as alluring as physical attributes, if not more so. If a person isn’t classically pretty but has the most vibrant personality, I gravitate towards them over the person with model looks but who’s incredibly dull. However, if I’m being honest, there’s an appeal for exquisite, natural beauty, such as the woman before me.
With my words, Ripley relaxes and leans back in her chair. She smiles but doesn’t say more, instead studies the drink before her, spinning the can.
“If not for anyone else…” I prompt.
I’m eager to learn what she seeks today. The session she booked is more typical of a reserved woman having photos done for a significant other, for either an anniversary or birthday. While not unheard of, it’s unusual for a woman to book a session for herself, so my curiosity peaks while I wait for her response.
“It’s for me. Only me. I…” she falters, taking a sip of her drink, stalling. “I’m trying to rediscover myself.” With a sigh, she appears to come to a decision. Ripley waves her hand in the air and elaborates. “It’s a typical cliché. Girl meets boy. Boy is handsome and wealthy. He courts her like a lady and treats her like a princess. The families mingle, everyone in my family loved him and I suppose most of his loved me too.” She shrugs and takes a bite of cookie before continuing. “After a while, the mask slipped… I stayed, much longer than I should have. It was a loveless and sexless relationship for a long while and I was miserable, but I didn’t want to… disappoint anyone. Once the physical abuse started, I couldn’t bear it any longer, and I finally left.”
“Good for you,” I murmur. “I hate what you endured.”
“Thank you. It was over ten years ago, so you’d think I’d be past it, but it affected me so… profoundly. We dated over five years, and I lived with him for over three. Once I left, it was clear he’d alienated me and forced me to cater to him, at the expense of my self-worth. I discovered I lost most of my friends, I stopped doing the activities I loved, and I no longer recognized myself. By that point, even my family figured out the kind of person he was, and encouraged me to leave.”
She takes another sip of Dew, sets it back and spins it again. When she realizes she’s fidgeting, she places her palms flat on the table, tension in them as she wills herself still. I wait to see if she’ll say more, and she speaks again.
“It took me years to get out of my slump. I lost the confidence I had before the relationship and it never returned. When I saw your ad, I thought it could be a step towards regaining it. I posed for artistic nude painting classes in college; this was before that relationship, and I loved it. Posing gave me confidence and made me feel special. I lost that identity with my rotten relationship. Lost myself. Your ad lit a spark in me. It made me realize I want to experience those feelings again, to reclaim my identity and stop letting the past control me.”
She stops and looks away, a slight tremble to her body, either from unpleasant memories or from the passion for what she seeks.
“That sounds wonderful. I hope I can help you with that today.”
I appreciate her honesty and her courage. If regaining self-confidence is her goal, I hope I can deliver. Body positivity is important to me as a photographer, mental and emotional well-being ties into that. It’s promising she’s ready to rediscover herself, but it makes me wish we had more time. If things go well today, it could interest her in further sessions. She’s a gorgeous woman, and it pains me hearing that her relationship stole confidence from her.
Ripley smiles, a breathtaking sight, and my eyes linger on her lips before meeting her gaze again. I clear my throat, open her folder and flip through the pages.
“Only the one room today and an outdoor set. Is that what you want?”
“Yes, that sounds good. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I arrived, I couldn’t believe how huge this place is.” I laugh. There’s only awe and surprise from clients when they first visit my studio. “But outside…” she trails off with an unspoken question.
“If you are uncomfortable, we don’t have to go out there, but we have 152 acres here, and the closest neighbor isn’t for nearly two miles. The road dead-ends here, so no one is around and if someone were to approach, we’d hear them coming long before they arrive. Since you’re the last client of the day, there’s only my husband over at the house.” I pull out my cell and consult the time. “He’s in for the evening and knows I have a new client, so he won’t intrude.”
She blinks. “Your home is here?”
“Oh yes,” I gesture with my left hand, “it’s 200 yards thataway. When clients want outdoor sessions, he’s either home and settled beforehand, or he stays out in town or wherever he is until I give him the all-clear.”
“Is he also a photographer?”
I laugh, heartily. “Oh no. No.” I chuckle at her quizzical expression. “It’s amazing how, after so many years together, he can’t really grasp framing people in the viewfinder.”
Ripley giggles, the sound music to my ears. “What does he do?”
“He’s a tattoo artist. He owns a parlor in town and co-owns another in Clermont. They accept appointments only, so he could work a full day, then not for several. Beyond the art, he enjoys the freedom that the shops’ give him.”
“I saw a tattoo place when I first moved here. Jinx, right?”
“Yeah, that’s it.”
“That’s so neat it’s his. I debated going in, but I’m not a tattoo person. Cool name. I noticed many businesses here have interesting and unique names.”
I laugh again. “They do. The town has a sense of humor, that’s for sure, starting from its founding. I wanted him to name the shop Jinkies, but while he thought the name fit the town, he didn’t think it fit him.”
“That is too cute; I love it. Do you have any tattoos? What about him, I assume he has them?”
“I have eight; two of them prior to our relationship, but the others are by him. He has… many, but only one is visible when he’s wearing his usual t-shirt and jeans.”
Ripley smiles, but then it dims. “Look at me wasting your time with trivial questions. I’m sorry.”
“There’s no need to be sorry,” I assure her. “You’re the last client of the day, so we can take as long as you want.” I steal a glance at the phone again. “Besides it’s only now six, so we’re all good.”
She smiles, relaxing a tad. “We were discussing outdoor photos, and I’d enjoy that since there’s no one around. Your site indicated a lake? I love the water and swimming.”
“As do I,” I say, smiling. Before I can stop my mouth, I continue, “If you want, we could go swimming afterward.” When her eyes widen and her face flushes, I stammer, “I mean… I apologize. That was inappropriate.”
I only met the woman and I’m inviting her to stay? What the hell is wrong with me? Well, she’s a knockout and I already want to prolong our session, but come on; I don’t randomly invite clients to hang out with me. Ripley dips her head but then glances at me through long lashes.
“It’s okay. That might be fun.”
She smiles and I sigh inwardly in relief. I could have lost her as a client, making such a colossal blunder. Damn my instincts. It doesn’t take me long to get a sense for people, and Ripley seems like a good person, one I’d be interested in having as a friend. Nevertheless, I don’t typically make friends with my clients, especially brand new ones, so I vow to keep my head.
I bring us back on topic, “I prepared a room for you based on your questionnaire. Are you interested in trying something specific?”
“No, but I didn’t give it much thought. I suppose I’m in your hands.” Her face flushes again as she realizes what she said. “I mean…”
With a laugh, glad not to be the only one sticking their foot in their mouth, I say, “I know what you mean. Do you need me to lock up a cell phone for you?”
“No, I left it in my car.”
There’s a strict no phones rule in my studio. When I’m working and in my groove, having messages or calls coming in frustrate me to no end. Early in my career, I learned that banning phones were the only way to go. I rise and place my phone in a drawer. Friends know not to disturb my working days and that I return calls in the evening. Emergencies are the only exception and there’s a landline at the studio for that eventuality. It’s never rung, and I hope it never will.
I turn to Ripley, “Are you ready?”
“Yes, I guess I am.”
“Come on,” I instruct. “Let’s go reclaim what you feel you’ve lost.”

What the readers are saying!

“Wow… I love a book that is educational while also being extremely entertaining! I always prefer learning about new topics through fiction, movies/shows, conversations, and experience, rather than textbooks, documentaries, and speeches.“- Amazon Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Natural Exposure reads nothing like a “first” novel – it’s amazing! It flows nicely, is easy to read and grabs you from the start. And, the story is fresh and fun. Great start to a new series from a debut author!” – Amazon Customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Get to know Koriana some more!

Koriana Brackson grew up surrounded by orange groves in Central Florida, calling Walt Disney World her personal playground. As former cast member and an amateur photographer, she couldn’t resist combining two of her interests, and her experiences weave through her stories.

Now she makes her home in a quiet small town in Western North Carolina with her Husband and their pitbull. An avid reader all of her life, Koriana was thrilled, and a bit shocked, to publish her debut novel in April 2020 and is looking forward to continuing the series in the coming months. Find Koriana on her Website, Twitter and Facebook.

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