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New Release: My Ticket Out by J.N. Marton

Today we are celebrating the release of My Ticket Out, a standalone YA LGBT story by J.N. Marton. This book has been released today, the 17th November 2020 (exciting!) This is a story about discovering who you are and features everything I love in a YA novel including strong female characters, captivating romance and heartbreak. Read on to find out more about this new release and author J.N. Marton.

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A senior basketball player. A mysterious new girl. A secret romance…

Charlie Baker wants out. She wants out of her small, southern hometown of BluHaven and she has her sights set on a basketball scholarship to a college as far away as her dreams can take her. Everything is going according to plan until she moves to town.

Aspen Sullivan is breathtaking. She is beautiful, smart, talented…. She evokes feelings in Charlie that she hadn’t thought possible. When their friendship blossoms into something more, Charlie discovers a new truth about herself. But with Aspen’s mysterious past, they must keep their relationship a secret.

Will their love be strong enough to endure the trials of deceiving those closest to them? Do they have what it takes to escape the constraints of the south and the closet together?

My Ticket Out is a Young Adult, LGBT story about love, and self-discovery. If you enjoy stories that include romance, heartbreak, and embracing who you are, then you will definitely love this book by author J.N. Marton.

Pick this book up today to see if Charlie will find her ticket out.

My Ticket Out by @jn_marton is a newly released young Adult, LGBT story about love, and self-discovery. Read more about this story HERE. Click To Tweet

Author Bio

J.N. Marton graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor’s degree in education. When she’s not writing or educating the future of our nation, she enjoys taking her daily morning run, reading any book she can get her hands on, and binge watching the latest shows on Netflix. Marton happily lives with her wife, Hollis, and their Lab/ Basset Hound mix, Sam.

Email her at jnmartonauthor@gmail.com and follow her on her favorite social media platform, Twitter @jn_marton.

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