New Release: Starfall Ranch

Family feuds and unexpected romance set in a sci-fi future filled with space travel and dinosaur leather! Buckle up for California Dawes’ brand new F/F romance:

Thisbe Vandergoss is the only child of Hans and Jiao Vandergoss, one of the richest families on Earth. At twenty-five, Thisbe has only just begun to settle into the corporate routine her parents have laid out for her. But, as always, her best isn’t good enough and now her parents have scheduled her an operation for the unthinkable: they want Thisbe to have a baby *now*, and they want to use their own cells to make it.

Thisbe is desperate to escape her family’s incest baby demands, but nowhere on Earth is safe for her. So Thisbe does the only thing she can: she sells off her designer dinosaur leather stilettos, tosses her phone into the Thames, and gets herself a one-way ticket to Sirona, the lush moon world on the opposite side of the galaxy.

But the only way she can get said ticket is to sign up at the Happy Hearts Matchmaking Service as a mail-order-bride for a lonely lunar colonist. Our heroine hopes there’s a bachelorette or two to choose from, & unfortunately for her it’s all dudes (figures).

But, desperate times call for desperate cocks. She engages herself to 76-year-old Sean Kerridan. Who knows what that’s going to be like? Probably awful, but not nearly as awful as what her parents have in store for her if she sticks around on Earth. So she shuttles off to Sirona, into the arms of her geriatric husband-to-be. Or so she thinks.

There’s another S. Kerridan on Sirona, and she loves running Starfall Ranch almost as much as she loves being utterly alone and undisturbed by anyone. Shiloh certainly has no patience for rich off-worlders who show up on her doorstep out of the blue. Especially when they show up in the middle of a streak of bad luck: her fruit trees have come down with blight, her farm bots keep mysteriously malfunctioning, and the local mining company is breathing down her neck to parcel out her land so that they can get to the valuable platinum underneath. If her bad luck keeps up, Shiloh will have no choice but to sell.

But a major storm rolls in, nipping at Thisbe’s heels and cutting off all communications. She’s stuck at Starfall Ranch for the foreseeable future, half a moon away from where she was supposed to end up, with only a grouchy, stressed-out goat-rancher for company.

Can Thisbe Vandergoss really make a new life for herself on her own terms, far from the grasp of her family? Will Shiloh Kerridan ever be able to leave the past behind her on Earth and open her heart to another again?

Starfall Ranch is a F/F sci-fi romance that follows Thisbe Vandergoss and Shiloh Kerridan as they work out feelings of self-worth and fear of intimacy in the midst of some life-altering shakeups.

Thisbe Vandergoss is stuck half a moon away from where she was supposed to be, with only a grouchy yet strangely charismatic hermit goat-rancher for company – @inkyfirelight's new F/F sci-fi romance is OUT NOW! TWEET THIS

Author Bio

California Dawes is an extremely bisexual writer of fine smutty literature. An Oregon native, she now lives in the Bay area and can usually be found running trails with her dog or curled up in a great book shop or café.
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Hi there! I’m Niamh Murphy and I’m a bestselling author of adventure books with lesbian main characters!

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I tell romantic and exciting stories of gripping adventure and epic fantasy. My favourite places to explore are historical settings, science fiction landscapes, and fantasy worlds. My stories involve exciting characters such as knights, pirates, vampires, and mermaids. But I also tell more down-to-earth stories involving teenage angst, coming out, and exploring lesbian relationships for the first time.

I most enjoy rewriting fairy tales for the modern reader or re-telling mythical stories of old with a sapphic twist. But whatever the genre I choose to write in, my stories always include romance, love, and a lesbian main character.

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