New Release: Traveller by Caitríona Page

Caitríona Page is a new author and her debut novel, ‘Traveller’ follows Ríona, an Irish immigrant, whose world has been turned upside down by the death of her mother.

The novel explores the struggle of coming out after Ríona’s first loves ends badly and she buries herself further in the closet and we follow her as she finally learns the joy of acceptance.

Sometimes finding yourself means leaving yourself behind.

Ríona has yearned to escape her small rural Nebraska farm. She has dreamt of the day she could travel the world to find her place within it. Just her and her father’s fiddle. That was before her mother’s diagnosis.

Her first love ends in a gut-wrenching betrayal that makes her question ever trusting her secret to anyone ever again. Only a few months before graduation her mother suddenly passes away. Now she has to face the terrifying reality that she once again no longer has a home. She is lost and all alone.

One night, she stumbles across an old Volkswagen Bus and realises it could make her dream come true. When she meets Tomi, the strong, handsome mechanic with a tragic past of her own. Ríona realises she must learn to accept who she is before she can hope to find where she belongs.

"she must learn to accept who she is before she can hope to find where she belongs." wlw author @Caitriona_Page's debut novel explores love, loss, and finding yourself. Click To Tweet

Author Bio

Caitríona started writing when she was still a wee lass. Born mute, the way she learned language was different from most. She first learned to weave worlds and thoughts with an abandoned pen and stolen sheets of her mother’s work printer. As she grew older and the world around her became real, discovering a world bigger than empty pages of a spiral notebook and online message boards, her passion for writing fell to the wayside. Life, as it’s said, happened. Not always pleasant, as can be attested in her writing. That black dog will forever hunt its prey, no matter how strong she gets, always seeking the moment of weakness to pounce.

After living multiple lives, she found her way back to writing. And travelling. She now travels the United States and Canada in her self-converted van, named Gerudo.
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