Niamh’s WLW Book Recs: Nottingham: The True Story of Robyn Hood by Anna Burke

The weather is warm, and I’m working on book two of my Robyn Hood Series, so I thought now would be an excellent time to get in the mood with a grand adventure heist!

Are looking for an escape off into the English countryside with a band of Merry ‘Men’ in a romp through sherwood forest, complete with nobles, minstrels, quarterstaffs and archers, as well as all the queer rep you can drink?

Then let’s take a closer look at Anna Burke’s ‘Nottingham’.

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About the Author:

Anna Burke lives in Massachusettes with her wife, their two dogs, and too many houseplants. She is the award-winning author of Compass Rose, Thorn, and Nottingham, as well as the upcoming Seal Cove contemporary romance series. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, drinking too much tea, and exploring the woods, and is also working toward her MFA at Emerson College.

You can follow her on Twitter @annaburkeauthor

Lesbian Main Character: ✔️

Robyn and Marian meet in this story and have an attraction they have to understand and come to terms which is well handled by the author.

But they are not the only lesbians in Sherwood and there is plenty of queer rep to be had!


After a fateful hunting accident sends her on the run from the law, Robyn finds herself deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest. All she really wants to do is provide for her family and stay out of trouble, but when the damnable Sheriff of Nottingham levies the largest tax in the history of England, she’s forced to take matters into her own hands. Relying on the help of her merry band of misfits and the Sheriff’s intriguing―and off-limits―daughter, Marian, Robyn must find a way to pull off the biggest heist Sherwood has ever seen.

With both heart and freedom at stake, just how much is she willing to risk to ensure the safety of the ones she loves?


A grown up adventure heist, with a ton of queer rep and a cast of memorable, sassy characters.

What the Critics are saying: ★★★★✰

it’s such a great story with memorable characters, strong found family rep, and ass-kicking queer ladies and gents. I will most definitely read it again

Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Burke has the amazing ability to bring a fictional world to life with her exceptional prose. She infuses every scene with minute details that go unnoticed until readers find themselves immersed in a landscape that’s undeniably rich and full-bodied.

The Lesbian Review

The author manages to create dark, dangerous and hopeless places and slowly carve a crevice of light, peace, and hope in them. The characters’ journeys are full of adventure, hardship, and redemption making the stories interesting and enjoyable.

Lez Review Books

What the audience is saying? ★★★★★

This was my favorite! I’ve been reading this all night and I’m a bit disoriented but satisfied! – AMAZON CUSTOMER

This ‘remake’ of Robyn Hood grabbed me with both fists, I couldn’t put it down. – AMAZON CUSTOMER

I was completely captivated from the start. – AMAZON CUSTOMER

You’ll like this book if you like:

If you are looking for New Adult adventure stories that are a touch grittier than your average romp, but still has all the action and fun. Then this is for you.

Be warned – Self-harm, threats of sexual violence

Overall: Would Highly Recommend

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