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OUT NOW! SCARLET: Book Two of the Robyn Hood Adventures by Niamh Murphy

The wait is officially over. Robyn Hood and Marian are back for the second instalment of Niamh Murphy’s Robyn Hood series. Introducing Scarlet…

Niamh has been working on Scarlet for a year now and is so excited to finally share the finished novel with you!

After her last adventure, Robyn is settling into life as an outlaw by evading the Sheriff’s men, distributing her loot far and wide, and making sure she has a lot of fun along the way!

But things are about to heat up once again when Robyn’s willingness to trust others is put to the ultimate test…

Prepare for daredevil gaol breaks, high-speed chases, heart-swelling romance, and, of course, the legendary archery of the famous outlaw; Robyn Hood.


Robyn Hood and her loyal friend Littlejohn want nothing more than to stay one step ahead of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men.

But when they offer their help to a Holy Sister in need, they soon discover not all is as it seems.

Now they have both the Sheriff of Nottingham on their tail and the self-serving Bishop of Hereford too.

Will they aid a fellow thief?

Or save their own necks, keep the gold for themselves, and leave the fugitive, sword-wielding rogue for the gallows?

Find out in this brand new Robyn Hood Adventure!


Niamh Murphy's brand new novel Scarlet is out now! This gender-flipped LGBT remix of the Robyn Hood legend is so fresh you can smell it! Find out more about this adventure here: Share on Twitter


A gender-flipped LGBT version of the famous legend that’s so fresh you can smell it!

If you like the look of this, then why not check out the extract of Scarlet here:

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