Reviewer Interview

Are you a book reviewer?

Do you review wlw books and lesbian fiction?

Do you have a website people should know about or want to give your platform a boost?

My audience loves hearing about books with lesbian characters, and they would love to know more about you and your book blog! So, why not take a minute to fill out this quick reviewer interview, and I’ll release it on my blog.

It would be fantastic if you can try to answer AT LEAST THREE questions. But the more you answer, the better!

Once you have submitted the form I’ll be in touch to let you know if it has been approved, and when it will be published. Have fun!

Unfortunately, I am only accepting interviews from wlw reviewers at this time.
This is the name I will use to refer to you as during the interview
This doesn't have to be in-depth, just a quick note about where you're from, what you like to read, and maybe if you have a pet or something!
This can be you, or the logo of your blog
Leave blank if you have no preference
Please note: all attempts will be made to ensure your content appears EXACTLY as is written. However, if some content is deemed inappropriate or unsuitable and you have not given your consent for the material to be edited, I MAY not be able to publish your interview.

If you have any trouble with the form, you can contact me via email: