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Reviews: Escape to Pirate Island

I have been lucky enough to have my book, Escape to Pirate Island, reviewed, not once, but twice! Over at the wonderful Lesbrary.

Add heading(2)The Lesbrary is a book blog all about les/bi/etc books and includes anything in the broad “doesn’t identify as a man and is at least some of the time attracted romantically and/or sexually to others who do not identify as a man” category. Lesbrary books don’t have to be written by a queer author, but it helps.

The Lesbrary is mostly made up of reviews of les/bi/etc books, but also has features like Link Round Ups (a collection of all the latest les/bi/etc lit news and reviews) and guest posts.

Alice and Shira both seemed to like my novel, which is always a delight to hear! And so I have decided to share a few of their kind words.

Escape to Pirate Island is basically just what it says on the tin–a rambunctious, seafaring pirate adventure full of treasure maps and double-crossing, only this one stars women who wind up loving each other, getting by in a man’s world by the sheer strength of their determination, each in their own way.” – Shira

“This book! I want to take this book, parcel it into treasure map wrapping paper, and post it back in time to my fifteen year old self. Not that it’s a book for teenagers specifically, but it’s the book I craved so deeply back then. I loved it, it really did, and I hope you do too.” – Alice

“Murphy did a great job making all the scenes come to life without making the reading feel like work–I breezed through this book in two days. This is the kind of book that puts you right into the middle of the action over and over again without making any of it hard to follow–with Cat, we climb up cliff faces, get into fights, hide underground with conspirators, and even have a job interview!” – Shira

“Honestly? Read this story. It’s fun, well paced, well written, you lose all track of the real world when reading it… it’s a wonderful little book. I recommend it for anyone who is fed up of the mundane and wants a swashbuckling adventure alongside a cast of real people whom you’ll feel you know well.” – Alice

Want to know what they are raving about? Check out Escape to Pirate Island for youself!

Both reviewers were incredibly insightful and raised some interesting questions about diversity in books, which I think is a whole blog post itself!

If you want to read more of either Alice‘s or Shira‘s review then head over to the Lesbrary!



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