Scarlet launch!

Niamh Murphy’s new adventure novel ‘Scarlet: Book Two of the Robyn Hood Adventures’, is set for release on 26th February 2021.

Scarlet’ is a gender flipped LGBT remix of the classic Robyn Hood legend and is a brand new stand-alone adventure you will enjoy even if you haven’t read book one.

I’ve got your attention? Fantastic. Check out how to share the love and be involved in the launch of this rollicking adventure novel, below.

Do you have a Twitter page?

Niamh would love you to share one of these tweets, either exactly as it is written or tweaked to your own style!

“Lesbian Robyn Hood, anyone? A brand new Robyn Hood Adventure is coming on February 26th. Get ready for an epic adventure, independent female main characters and a hint of Sapphic romance!” Click To Tweet “A gender-flipped lesbian Robyn Hood that's so fresh you can smell it! Find out more about Scarlet, the sequel to Outlaw, here” Click To Tweet “Prepare for daredevil gaol breaks, high-speed chases, heart-swelling romance, and, of course, the legendary archery of the famous outlaw; Robyn Hood.” Click To Tweet

Do you have Instagram?

We have some images that can be shared on your Instagram to promote Scarlet. Remember to tag us (@authorniamh) so we can see your post and reshare the love!

Are you a WLW Author with a website?

Niamh is looking for fellow lesfic and sapphic authors to host a new release announcement! Here are some images we created that can be shared on your blog or website.

Want more for your website? Check out this new release pack that contains lots of extra details about Scarlet and Author, Niamh.

Are you a book blogger or a book reviewer?

Niamh is currently seeking Advance Reviewers, use this contact form to get in touch and request an Advance Review Edition