Short Story Submission

Do you have a short story sitting unpublished on your computer?
Perhaps you’ve published a collection of stories and you’d like to use one to promote it?
Or maybe you have a burning idea for a scene that you know won’t work as a novel, but might work as a 3k short?

Then why not let your writing do the marketing for you?

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My readers LOVE free stories and if they love the short taster of your work, then they will be sure to check out your novels! Short stories are also a great way to double, even triple promote your work by adding it to my ever-popular lists of free reads:

Once you have your short story, then all you have to do is copy and paste it into the form below. Easy! Then, either me or my assistant, Lucy will be in touch to let you know if it has been approved.

Don’t worry: you retain full copyright to your work and you can ask for it to be removed at any time.

This can be you, or a logo if you prefer.
This can be the anthology cover or short story book cover if you have one
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Please note: All attempts will be made to ensure your content appears EXACTLY as is written. However, if some content is deemed inappropriate or unsuitable and you have not given your consent for the material to be edited, I MAY not be able to publish your list.

Why stop there? If you found yourself tapping away furiously at the keyboard, or you feel like there was a question you were simply dying to answer, then why not try your hand at a guest post? Find out more by clicking here.

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