Six Great Ways to Support a Lesbian Author Whose Work You LOVE!

Sometimes we find that great author, the writer who seems to ‘get’ us and we sit pining for their words in between new releases.

Hopefully, you have a few authors you love, but in a limited genre like lesbian fiction, and lesbian romance especially, it can seem like there is a complete dearth of good lesbian books. 

That’s usually because bigger publishers simply don’t want to invest a lot of money into ‘niche’ subjects (although that is starting to change) so lesbian authors writing books with lesbian main characters need even more help and support from the readers who love them!

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So, I’ve compiled a quick list of ways you can help a lesbian writer  whose work you love!

1. Buy

It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? But there can be a hundred reasons why you can’t buy all the lesbian novels out there!

So why not sign up to a promotional newsletter, such as MyLesFic that offers discount and even free lesbian books? So why not sign up for free? That way you can keep an eye out for your favourite authors and grab their book while its on discount.

Even better, authors often put their books up for pre-order at a slightly lower price! So if you are quick you can grab a bargain. šŸ™‚

Check out my list of 8 Great Ways to Get Free And Discounted Lesbian eBooks Sent to You!

2. Review

This is one of the most important things any reader can do to say thank you. A review really does help books get seen and picked up by new readers. Not only that, but the more reviews a book has on Amazon, the more that the Amazon algorithm will put that book in front of new readers (supposedly).

Of course, writing a review is not an easy business. Some people have awesome review writing skills, but other people struggle to know what to say about a book or worry that their review isn’t ‘professional’ enough.

Well, I’ve worked with another author, A. E. Radley, who produced a review generator. All you have to do is follow the link then cut and paste the randomly generated review. If it isn’t quite right you can refresh the page and get a new review, or just tweak the review that shows up.

3. Share

If you are part of a real life Book Club or an online book group then you can support your author by recommending their book as the next group read.

Even if you aren’t part of a lesbian fiction reading group, you can recommend the book to your friends on social media or when you read a blog that hits on your favourite author’s genre, you can leave a comment recommending the book to the writer and anyone else who reads that blog!

4. Join

Join the author’s newsletter!

That’s right! Just by getting an email you are supporting an author! Mailing lists are incredibly important for authors. They help us to spread the word of new releases, keep in contact with people who like our work, and get feedback from readers.

But there is no reason you can’t sign up to more than one list. I’ve put together a list of all lesbian authors mailing lists, why not take a look and see if another of your favourite authors is there. Or better yet, sign up to someone whose work you have never read, and see if you like what they do.

Check out my list of author mailing lists in The Sapphic Author Freebie Directory:

5. Follow

Social media is another great way for authors to spread the word about their books. If you want to help out why not give your favourite author a follow. If you share or comment on their posts you will help their content get seen and this can make a massive different to an author who is trying to find readers who will love their book.

#HotTip if you really want to support the author, you can take a #BookSelfie – it can be a picture of you reading the book, your cat with the book, or just that fab cover on your bookshelf! If you tag the author and say how much you loved reading their book then, trust me, you will make their day!

6. Request

It might seem pointless, but authors can make significant sums from having their book on library shelves. Although lesbian ya books are starting to appear on library shelves some of the best lesbian romance novels from the last ten years has yet to be found on the shelves!

Library systems buy huge numbers of print books as well as ebook licenses, and those sales really do make a difference. Plus since the book is in the library books new readers can find them and fall in love!

If you are not a member of a library, why not check out my list of Digital Libraries Where You Can Read Lesbian Fiction For FREE and see if you can sign up to one right now:

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