The Dark Age Trilogy

The Dark Age Trilogy is currently on hold, however, you can read the beta version of the series on Wattpad.

I am still working on the Beta version of DRAGON WAR, so ensure you follow my profile on Wattpad for any future updates, including extra stories and world-building in DRAGON LORE, the companion guide to the series.

DRAGON ESSENCE: A Prequel to the Dark Age Trilogy

The Gods will be Conquered.

A lover lost in battle. An offer she can’t refuse. A price she might not be able to pay.

When Andra, a Captain in the formidable Dragon Guard, sees her lover killed in a vicious wizard duel, a grizzled half-mage offers a chance to bring her back from the dead.

But the offer is not without a price.

Torn between her honour and her heart, Andra has until first light to obtain the life essence of a dragon she has sworn to protect or lose the woman she loves forever.

This is a short prequel story to the epic fantasy trilogy, Dark Age, set in a world of knights and magic, where dragons are worshipped as Gods. For lovers of Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and kick-ass women-warriors who battle dragons.