YouTubers you need to subscribe to if you love WLW content!

Last year Niamh shared a list 11 Awesome BookTubers Who Review Lesbian and WLW Fiction.

I loved reading this post as it gave me so many suggestions of YouTubers I should be subscribed to, to get the best recommendations.

This time we wanted to share YouTubers of other genres that also provide WLW content. We have a mix of lifestyle, comedy, music and fashion channels here so there is something for whatever mood you are in.

Being able to go on YouTube and find someone to who you can relate and connect on a personal level is so important! I hope this post gives you some ideas of people you can subscribe to and diversify your subscription box with!

There are so many incredible YouTubers who post entertaining, inspiring and fun content that is relatable for anyone in the WLW community, so a ‘Part 2’ is definitely on its way.

1. Ally Hills Opens in a new tab.

Ally Hills is a musician and YouTuber who posts a mix of comedy videos, LGBT content and videos about growing up and adulting. Ally is also a singer and films music videos featuring her songwriting – SpaceOpens in a new tab. came out in 2016 and is one of my favourite’s. Thank you @TJDallas7Opens in a new tab. for suggesting we add Ally to this list!

2. Ambers ClosetOpens in a new tab.

Amber makes motivational videos, challenges, comedy skits everyday vlogs and fashion content! I feel like there is something for everyone on Amber’s channel! Amber regularly films videos with friends and other YouTube creators which really let’s you get to know the LGBT community on YouTube. Popular videos include an interview with the cast of L Word Generation QOpens in a new tab. and the Tomboy fashion/beauty seriesOpens in a new tab..

3. StevieOpens in a new tab.

I absolutely had to mention Stevie in this list as Stevie has been on the YouTube space for 11 years with the first video on her channel being uploaded way back in 2010!

Stevie’s videos have changed throughout her years of being online with genres including comedy sketches, sex-ed videos, relationship content and disability awareness. Stevie currently lives in the UK with her girlfriend, and is making lot’s of hilarious videos about being an American living in England, if you want a laugh then make sure to check out ‘Trying British snacks for the first timeOpens in a new tab.‘.

4. Alexis and LillianOpens in a new tab.

Alexis and Lillian are a couple who share their YouTube channel all about LGBTQ topics, love and relationships. With advice videos, daily vlogs and educational videos, I feel like you really get to know them on a personal level – which I love.

We also get to see some solo content from Lilian who identifies as bisexual and films relatable, informative and inspiring content about her experiences. They also share travel and moving vlogs, which means you get to learn about different cultures, see beautiful cities and get to see their experience as a couple in so many incredible places.

5. Rose and RosieOpens in a new tab.

Rose and Rosie are a British YouTube couple who do pop-culture reaction videos and casual comedy sketches. Rose and Rosie also share a vlog channel where they film more casual lifestyle videos and are currently sharing their journey of becoming first-time mums! A big thank you to @Katie_ScootOpens in a new tab. for suggesting Rose and Rosie for this list!

6. Cammie ScottOpens in a new tab.

If you are looking for WLW content in the beauty/fashion space on YouTube, you have to subscribe to Cammie. Cammie posts videos about self care, beauty, style, lifestyle and even politics. She feels like your online sister who shares fashion tips and beauty advice but also personal videos about mental health and well being.

7. Alex ShillingtonOpens in a new tab.

Here you will find videos of me fangirling over all my favs in LGBT+ pop culture!” says Alex about her YouTube channel. Alex uploads reviews, news, and theories all featuring LGBT content so is the best place to get new movie or TV show recommendations.

Let me know in the comments who I have missed from the list and need to add next time!

If you enjoyed this list, then here are a few other lists we think you will love!


Lucy is Marketing Assistant to Niamh Murphy. You can contact Lucy via the 'Contact' page if you have any questions about Niamh's books, website and newsletters.

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